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October 2018
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Feminization Tattoos: The Devoted Sissy

Get Inked and Show Your Devotion!

Feminization tattoos seem to be an ongoing obsession with many sissies. Some will go the length, but often it is just a dream, the desire to be tattooed, branded or scarified for Mistress. A gurl wrote this in my comments and it inspired this post:

“It’s been a fantasy of mine to have stockings tattooed on along with a bra and panties. It would take a long time to complete but would be worth it. I think it would be a good way to stop guys from cheating. The guy would never want anyone to see his sissy tattoos and if he did pick up a girl and she saw that she would likely leave anyways.”

Feminization Tattoos For The Devoted Sissy: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Feminization Tattoos And Choices

When I think of feminization tattoos, I see banners and cupids, “sissy forever, property of Mistress, sissy fag, panty boi, sissy loser, you know…things like that in the tramp stamp area. This type of work would show major devotion, and would take major time. I suggest start out slow and small. A bra tat would be pretty painful, the area being very sensitive, now wouldn’t that show how much pain you would endure for a Femdom.

Porn Magnet

Imagine the variety of colors for a bra, stockings, panties? While you are at it why not get permanent eyeliner and lipliner.  Consider this: You, sissy get the feminization tats of your dreams and you audition for a sissy porn movie called  “The Illustrated Sissy”. A parody of The Illustrated Man. Anyone who looks into the untatted space on his back sees his future. In the pornie, they see themselves as sissies lining up at the glory hole or being disciplined by Mistress on a St Andrews Cross. I think that would be a great porno movie!

Post in comments the tattoo you would have.

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16 comments to Feminization Tattoos: The Devoted Sissy

  • fuckie fag boi

    Mistress, as you know I have had many obsessions with sissy tattoos, I was thinking the other day in an idle moment of an underboob tattoo, designed to enhance my pathetic breasts, a bit of dark shadow along the underside of the inframammary crease to create the illusion of voluminous breasts? or maybe just intricate lacework? whichever way, highly humiliating to have to go to the tattoo parlour and bare one’s breasts!


  • jeffie

    Great blog Mistress Cassandra. I have fantasized about tattoos, more property tattoos rather than sissy tattoos. I like pushing the envelope. I have a PA, and last year dyed my hair platinum on the sides and pink on top, will be doing it again this year but different colors. My biggest fantasy currently is to have my eyebrows shaped very feminine, maybe one day. I also enjoy doing long acrylic nails because of the permanence.

    • Mistress Cassandra

      You have come a very long way since the last time you were training with me. I approve of all the subculture, getting edgier and bolder. Yay jeffie! Enjoy your life.

  • Sara

    I feel so jealous when I read these things… I really wish I could permanently stamp myself as a sissy slut.

  • Don’t you just love it when a sissy starts upping the ante and making her sacrifice more and more permanent. It all starts with real tan lines that last for months and then they move on to tattoos that are not easily removed. That’s the kind of devotion that gets a Mistress going!

  • I would have whatever tattoos my Mistress decided upon. My ex Wife Mistress at one time talked about me getting one. Some of Her ideas included: sissy on one ass cheek and cuckold on the other. Also on my lower back(tramp stamp?) right above my pussy, an arrow pointing at it with the words: insert cock.

  • Dick Breath Sissy JayMe

    I should have asked you during our call today what tat you recommend for me and where should it be placed.
    Do you think I should get my nipples pierced? They’re so very sensitive I swear I get orgasms from play with my sissy titties.

  • Ecock

    The idea of performing as a sissy slut in a porn is something that has crossed my mind.

  • LaFag

    Mistress, this is just so hot! You know that I have had this desire for a long time. a pantyhose tat, with full french-cut brief, black, the detailed lace-work, a permanent mark of my life-long love of all things pantyhose. the work would take hours and would probably be painful, but it would be worth it!.

    I also think lace stocking tops around the upper thigh would look beautiful, delicate filigree laceno mistaking that I am a sissy slut on the look-out for cock.

    LA Fag

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