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November 2018
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Protocol For Sissies

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Bad Sissies Need Rules

Protocol. Ah such a word, and challenging to achieve for a sissy slave. Eventually it becomes habit. Why this post? Because a certain sissy needs it, and that would be sissy boi mer mer who took it upon herself to email another Mistress for 2 Mistress sessions. I woke up one morning to find in my inbox a forwarded email inquiring if Ms Delia would like to join in the fun of training this sissy. Of course she can but I must be asked first. The list:

* The Headmistress will initiate a 2nd or 3rd Mistress to join in training
* Proper address is in order; Mistress, Maam, Goddess, etc, ALWAYS
* Permission always to buy toys, cocklocks, and girliewear
* Permission required for sessions sent by email, no instant messaging
* Appointments are to be prompt. 2 minutes late and the appt is cancelled by Mistress
* Assignments are always done on time
* No talking while I am talking
* No whining, complaining, bitch behavior, or brooding. You will have a lively, ditzie, girlie behavior in front of Mistress at all times.
* Never ever use your boy’s name in signature or in reference

No Cumming For Mer Mer

This is only some of the protocol, and more will be added. Mer mer lost her chance to cum last night even though she bought her cheerleader outfit, did her cheers on Skype for Ms Delia and me, and did a fairly good job at her interview and interrogation. She now admits humbly that she has much to learn from us. Cumming has been moved up maybe on Valentine’s Day.



2 Chaste Sissies Chime In

Sissy donna chimed in today after getting her waxing, is now 260 days in chastity. Perhaps there will be a cumming on my birthday if she manages to achieve a B cup. Fuckie fagboi also chimed in after 6 months in the cage, and must achieve a D cup. The fag requested information on gesticulation, topics, attitudes, and the walk for becoming a better sissy. This will require much room and will have to wait until Friday’s blog post.

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


26 comments to Protocol For Sissies

  • Ms Cassandra ~ That is what I love about you, things are very clear cut and definite. These are the rules. This is what is expected. Protocol is very good. Sets the expectations and the consequences for not living up to or just disregarding what is expected. You would think that it would be simple when it is spelled out. I do hope you keep us posted on slave boi mer mer. I know someone who will benefit from reading this and I will be forwarding a link to her.

  • Oh my! Little mer mer was a naughty sissy! Good thing you laid out the ground rules. That’s very important! I love these rules. I could have written them myself. And from the looks of it, I see that mer mer is learning the lessons that you need mer mer to learn. Sounds like someone might even need a little spanking!

  • I think this post makes all things VERY clear and simple, Mistress Cassandra!

    Protocol is so important, and every submissive needs to learn the protocols and rules of his Mistress! I have to smile at the comments here. Mistress is ALWAYS right, and the Answer is NO…now what is the question. 🙂 Very respectful

    I am sure mer mer will continue to grow and learn how to be a great sissy!

    🙂 Ms. Delia

    • Peter

      Your right MsDelia! Mistress always wins. I’m going to do feminization circuit with 15 mistresses and I can’t complain as I want you and the other mistresses to dress me as a girl and keep me this way. You are to strong to resist as you have kept me in bra/panty with heels. The tea you gave me had something in it. It have me petite, hairless, soft,smooth body as well a c cup breasts. Also Ms Audrey put white tip press on nails on me.:( I’ve turned into a weak,helpless, submissive, feminine cream puff sissy. Once I call to do feminine circuit there’s no going back. MsCindy & MsFiona said all my boyclothes are gone as they threw them away. They said I’m going to wear all women’s clothes with bra/panty everyday. If I complain they will throw me out and show pictures to everyone.

    • mer mer will grow with another headmistress Ms D, he hasn’t learned the important essentials unfortunately.

  • PoolBoy

    i do like rules and knowing what they are. while not a sissy i think the rules apply to all of Your stable of chastity boys. Thank You for articulating them so clearly. ~pool boy

  • Peter

    How was your call mer mer? Did you buy cheerleader out fit? Did you wear it in call? This sounds like fun!! This protocol is similar to feminization circuit. I have the 15 mistresses I need just need to decide on head mistress. With this it would be Ms Violet/Ms Delia and Ms Cassandra. Interesting enough it’s Ms Violet and Ms Delia who said I need to be in chastity. Which makes me wonder if this post was meant for me. MsCassandra if I were to do this could I have this part of the feminization circuit with 12 more mistresses?

    • slave boi mer mer

      Hello Peter, Yes I got the cheerleader outfit and Mistress Cassandra, Mistress Delia and Miss Violet have seen me in it on cam with cheers I have come up with as well. I am not sure you get to decide who will be your head mistress!!! 15 Mistresses is quite the undertaking and will require a lot of effort, most importantly remember the easy part will be you doing as told and the hard part will be on your Mistress’s and their roles in your training! Good luck with this! My best,
      mer mer

      • Peter

        It will be quite the task as I’ve never had women take control of me. Ms Fiona said she wants me to go with her to buy/try on different shades of lipstick. The thing is I’ll be wearing leggings/women’s knee high boots/with boyshorts/bra under long sleeve button down clear shirt where everyone will see my bra. :(she will have me smelling in perfume/lotion with shimmer blush.

      • mer mer is learning. last reply to peter, he signed merrick. we cannot have that. I let it go to see if he would do it again but he did not

  • MistressI always follow the following rule (in addition to those you set out above)

    The answer is “no you can’t”, now what’s the question? 😀

    fuckie fagboi

  • MistressI always follow two rules (in addition to those you set out above)

    1. the answer is “no you can’t”, now what’s the question? 😀

    2. Mistress is always right

  • MistressI always follow two rules (in addition to those you set out above)

    1. Mistress is always right

    2. the answer is “no you can’t”, now what’s the question? 😀

  • slave boi mer mer

    Mistress Cassandra,
    I humbly accept your terms and what might come later. There was no intention to upset you but I think it worked out well for you.
    So… Thank you and I guess I look forward to Valentine’s day!!!
    My best,
    ~mer mer

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