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November 2018
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The Cum Eating Season



Cum Eating Seasonal?

It’s that time again where cum eating sessions are at the peak! Is it seasonal? Not according to Chinese medicine. Autumn is ruled by the sweet taste, pumpkins and sweet potatoes are part of the harvest. I would imagine most cum is salty which would mean that winter is the salty season. Cum eating would peak then logically. Cum eating does not follow the rules of Chinese 5 element theory, it’s more like the big bang theory. Hungry cum eaters, whether the boy’s own cum, or being a bi cocksucker, is on the rise for me in October. The other day, every single boy requested cum eating. Two out of ten boys actually ate the cum on cam, two claimed they ate the cum, and the rest hung up in a panic.  Maybe all of this was full moonism, who knows.

Chastity Cages For Thick Stubbies

I’m out to do research on chastity cages for fat cocks. One chastity inquirer would like extended training without pain. Most cages are not made for beer cans. I’m thinking silicone may be more comfortable. The cb-6000 was purchased and tried without success. Mature metal is costly and would require precise measurement. The problem here is, how thick is the cock while it is soft? If it shrinks half it’s size or smaller, it may slip out of the cage. If anyone has a cage to recommend, please send an e-mail or a comment. In the meantime, this cock which is 4″ but fat, is going on tease and denial indefinitely.

Tonight is the season premier if “The Walking Dead”. I’m home tonight with some popcorn and mineral water. Cheers!

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12 comments to The Cum Eating Season

  • Cum_Filled_Balls

    Dear Mistress Cassandra,

    Again, I really like this post about eating cum. My hat is of to those practicing chastity and orgasm denial. I have been eating my cum since my 1st ejaculation. Under the guidance of several mistresses, I now practice edging and orgasm denial. This means that I rarely get to cum.

    Of those times, when I do cum, 50% is when I am given the green light to have a full-blown intense orgasm. The other 50% is from prostate milking. Either way, about once every 3 or 4 months, I get to enjoy a huge load of cum. It has been 3 months since my last orgasm, and I was told that I am overdue for a milking. Indeed, I look forward to that milking and the enjoyment of eating my own cum.

    Thank you, Mistress Cassandra!

  • Little dick tim

    Mistress I have never. eaten cum before. I get to the edge but can’t go through with it. The more I read your blogs the more I want to do it. Tasting cum seems so humiliating yet I crave it more and more. Mistress you are becoming so addictive. I must call you one day. You seem very sexy yet very dominant. Oops this baby cock is beginning to rise again!!

  • Lovely and well crafted blog Mistress Cassandra. The fervent Moon fever is coming and cum-harvesting is in peak season like you said!;) I loved how you mentioned some subbies hang up upon orgasm so that they will not actually have to eat their own spunk. I have that happen as well sometimes and while it’s understandable that some are shy, it is greatly preferential to have proof the deed is done on cam or at least through hearing the unmistakable auditory confirmation of the swirling sound as that liquid load passes their lips and they suck it down slowly. Gives a mistress a sense of closure does it not? 🙂

  • vanessa

    Your so right Mistress, there is something about October that makes me hunger for cum! Actually, it’s not just just cum, but I also find myself hungy for cock, humiliation, attention, etc….! It is starting to consume all of my time! It’s so hard to cocentrate at work, while the desire for taking a cock on cam or infront of a woman! I’m so hard up for some girl time in public, I tried to get all done up for my waxing appointment last Friday, but i ran out of time, and couldn’t get my makeup done in time, so instead of changing back into girls attire, I just went, in my slacks, blouse, dress and heals, but no make up or wig! My pink sissy nails on full display! Oh my God did the girls and ladies at the spa laugh, they didn’t even wait for me to be out of sight, I could hear them as a passed! I wanted to curl up and hide! I can’t imagine how they would have laughed if they knew how bad i wanted some cocks to blow in my mouth! i know when we talk, you’ll havie me edging to the memory in moments!

  • sissymaid saddie

    What a great post Ma’am
    So many lucky boys it must be the full moon
    As you know I am a mature metal sissy
    But always adore your research
    Hope you enjoyed the walking dead
    Look forward to your next visit to mistress mansion
    To serve the popcorn and all your wishes

  • My goodness what an idea! I personally have never yet eaten my own cum as it’s not necessarily a hard limit, but more like a soft limit. Closest I’ve been is tasting my precum on my lips once. The idea of it relating to seasons is intriguing.

    In regards to the chastity devices, I’ve tried CB-6000(S) and Birdlocked Neo, and a couple of others (no metal ones), but my favorite is the HolyTrainer v2. I am uncircumcised, grower, no piercings, and maximum 5″ erect. I hope that helps, Mistress Cassandra. 🙂

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