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November 2008
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Electroplay Calls Sizzle

Last night I had a call with Mistress Elizabeth and Her loyal slave asslick. asslick is a true submissive turned pain slut. asslick is one of the few boys I will chat with on I.M. because he is a sweet sissy boi, always polite, and never makes a pest of himself (because he is well . . . → Read More: Electroplay Calls Sizzle

Rum Balls From Slut Hana

If you can imagine hana hot lips , My premiere sissy slut , not barefoot but in six inch strappy heels, not pregnant because a sissy is so lucky to be getting plowed all the time without worry of procreation, but in the kitchen where a sissy should be making yum rum balls for . . . → Read More: Rum Balls From Slut Hana

Why I Hate The CB Series

The cb series never fails to disappoint. I have had boys with broken cages, painful experiences, abrasions, you name it. When a cage breaks and a boy is free range, he will be free to stroke off and end all denial. jack has an experience you will all like to read. jack’s end date . . . → Read More: Why I Hate The CB Series

Have You Had Your Wanker Domination Today?

Have you visited ? It’s another one of Our sister Femdom sites. As you know, Im fond of electroplay. Lucky you to see My post before it’s posted. This assignment may be for you! Meanwhile enjoy Mistress Sarah’s recent post when you go to the site.

Youre a chronic masturbator and need to be . . . → Read More: Have You Had Your Wanker Domination Today?

Foot And Stocking Fetish Friday?

Black Pumps Black Thigh Highs

There is another one for poor frustrated stroke pet alex who was denied orgasm again. If you look close, you can almost see My……That reminds Me; I have pictures to post of that slutty sissy hana hot lips. hana is one major party gurl as everyone knows.

Moving right . . . → Read More: Foot And Stocking Fetish Friday?

Jack Does Chastity

It’s amazind what guys find on you tube. A bunch of tease pictures with one of My audios attached:

This is a pretty shitty audio too, with alot of pops and delays. jack finds Me through the words ” this is Mistress Cassandra otherwise known as the Dicktator……”. So now begins jack’s little odyssey . . . → Read More: Jack Does Chastity

Sexy Black Pointy Toed Pumps For The Foot And Shoe Boys

Black Pantyhose and Bullwhip

Here is the next installment , four pictures left for stroke pet alex and now john whos been wacking off to these photos. john leaves comments and does the assignment. Good boys. alex is gone for the week, and I wanted to inform him that My boots have arrived. . . . → Read More: Sexy Black Pointy Toed Pumps For The Foot And Shoe Boys

Humiliation Boot Camp Anyone?

I’m sure you must have seen our sister site : If you like creative and humiliating Dominatrices, be sure to book mark this site and do the assignments, bitch! Here’s a post I think you humiliation junkies may like. Check out the beverage hat:

Now listen to My audio:

WHERE’S MAH POT PIE . . . → Read More: Humiliation Boot Camp Anyone?

Back To Five Sets Of Shoes


stroke pet alex is back to five pair of shoes because the ruined orgasm turned into a ruined blast. One stroke too many . After this post he waits for four more posts whenever that is. Next week he goes away on business. A perfect time for chastity . . . → Read More: Back To Five Sets Of Shoes

Stroke Pet Alex's Next Series Of Six Shoe Fetish Photos


I no longer have these pumps as they are very very dangerous, in fact so challenging that to watch Me walk in them was absured and ungraceful, therefore, they had to go. I’m glad I saved this photo of them though so I can drive . . . → Read More: Stroke Pet Alex's Next Series Of Six Shoe Fetish Photos