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July 2018
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Human Animal Humiliation Role Play

Various Human Animal Role Plays

Human animal role play is one of my most favorite Mistress activities and fantasies. My style has no abuse of course, just strict training, rote memorization, clicker training, and if you are a pony, some cropping.  Doggies get newspaper and leash training humiliation, monkeys get the captivity cage, hamsters . . . → Read More: Human Animal Humiliation Role Play

Dog4TheDicktator:Tune In Tomorrow

Tomorrow at 12:00 pm pacific, tune into the link provided . The dog’s ultimate humiliation begins. Tonight W/we fleshed out the program. Of course cock control is on the menu boys. Sorry sissy bois…next time . Cut and paste this link in your browser at 12 noon.




Be sure . . . → Read More: Dog4TheDicktator:Tune In Tomorrow

Poor Stroke Slave alex; The Dice Roll Fairy must Have Been Asleep

Today was stroke slave alex’s chance to cum, but snake eyes was not rolled, instead I rolled 7 which means 7 more days of denial. That puts him on next Friday, but he will be on holiday until Sept. 3rd or 4th. Too bad. he is not allowed to cum even with his wife. . . . → Read More: Poor Stroke Slave alex; The Dice Roll Fairy must Have Been Asleep

"Like A Dog"

The end words of Kafka’s novel “The Trial” ( “Like a dog!” he said; it was as if the shame of it must outlive him).

chaste4TheDicktator has made a test run you tube of it’s soon to be humiliatiation depersonalization ordeal. I say it looks rather good, with Iggy Pop’s song blasting in the back . . . → Read More: "Like A Dog"