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February 2018
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The Seven Day Challenge For A Slutty Sissy

Slutty Sissy, Prepare!

Slutty sissy alexis, my sissy fag always has brilliant ideas so she sent me a request for doing seven days of assignments in a row, for the privilege of cumming. Oh yes yes of course and eating it too. It’s a sissy fag test, and maybe you can do it as . . . → Read More: The Seven Day Challenge For A Slutty Sissy

Human Lampshade Humiliation Revisited

Human Lampshade Humiliation Objectification

Lampshade humiliation is for boys into being objectified in an odd and different manner. The versatile part of this human object genre is a Mistress can “fit the fetish”. She may dress the object as a sissy, harnessed, in CBT gear, or anything that pertains to the slave. Of . . . → Read More: Human Lampshade Humiliation Revisited

Blue Balls Has A Whole New Meaning

Where Is Your Place In The Neighborhood?

What is this you ask? A nice little map of the red light district, and blue light district in Amsterdam. Fuckie fag boi’s destination for her next assignment. The blue boxes are the she male quarters where fuckie will be. So she sent a whole itinerary on her little . . . → Read More: Blue Balls Has A Whole New Meaning

Truck Stop Sissy Audio

I couldn’t help but think about truck stop sissies while passing truck stops on my move to Arizona. They are more common than you think. Listen on….


What do you do with a sissy who wears cowboy hats and rides horses while she’s not in sissy mode? You take her . . . → Read More: Truck Stop Sissy Audio

Cock Hunting For Mistress Audio

Cuckolding Time!

A cuckold should always have an assignment!


Cock hunting for Mistress? Oh I know this is such a fantasy, but we can dream after all?

Imagine having a nice gym day and you enter the sauna. It’s just you and a big black stud. He notices you . . . → Read More: Cock Hunting For Mistress Audio

Strip Club Chastity Assignment

Asking for assignments while in chastity control? Be careful, be careful, be careful what you wish for…


Hello chastity slave boy. Your assignment for the week, your 26th day, frustrated, horny, and you thinking about me sitting on your face with “MY” cock in cage. . . . → Read More: Strip Club Chastity Assignment

Sissies In Boy Shorts Audio

Now why do sissies always mention boy shorts?


I just got back from Target, and for the sake of me and for the sake of sissies, I checked out the bras and panties. Of course I picked up some bras and panties in black and other colors. I do . . . → Read More: Sissies In Boy Shorts Audio

Dating While In Chastity

Enjoy all month long! Details

Thank You!

First of all, I thank the boys who thoughtfully sent me Amazon gift cards this week. It’s nice to have these extras before the holiday. The holidays are in full swing, and boys are enjoying the month long discount. Should you want to send a gift . . . → Read More: Dating While In Chastity

3 Little Chastity Boys All In A Row

The Chastity Trainee

They definitely cum and go but some return, and some stay very faithful for many years. I’m talking about chastity boys like sissy donna who is on hiatus for a few days because of over zealousness. When a chastity trainee is over zealous, chafing can happen. Haste makes waste. By . . . → Read More: 3 Little Chastity Boys All In A Row

Sissy Post Xmas Shopping

A Boy’s Toys

Thank You!

First of all, I would like to thank all of the wonderful boys who made my Christmas bright. I received fantastic prezzies, shoes, lingerie, hats, jewelry, gift cards, and a special pair of boots from a special boy. It’s nice to be appreciated and I am very grateful . . . → Read More: Sissy Post Xmas Shopping