Writing Affirmations For Mistress

Locked dummy found a writing assignment program called “Write For Me”. This was a test task designed to keep slaves writing affirmations for mistress. Mistress orders a writing task such as below “I am the locked dummy for Ms Cassandra” . I select the options, number of lines and some monkey wrenches thrown in. The website is writeforme.org and you can sign up for free. The orders are public and you can test with any of the postings for free. An email is generated of the results just like below. Of course the enthusiastic and geeky brained  LockedDummy will explain everything about the mindfuck part in comments…won’t you boy!

The Test

The generated email I received:

“Hello MsCassandra!

LockedDummy has completed your writing assignment bondage task for the dummy after 1 minute, 9 seconds. It was the first attempt!

The text was:

I am the locked dummy for Ms Cassandra

LockedDummy made 8 mistakes and wrote 10 lines of the 10 lines you originally intended.

In average, LockedDummy wrote 458 letters per minute.


Test task complete”

Writing Affirmations For Mistress: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Writing affirmations for Mistress is an important part of conditioning training to keep slaves in proper attitude. Sissy affirmations are high on the list to create the girl mindset, but it works for all submissive boys who need the boost in attitude training. For example a trainee comes to a Mistress to become the proper cocksucker, to be orgasm denied, to be a captivity slave, or to be whatever Mistress offers.

Lines to write will be posted regularly, and my handle is MsCassandra. There is a forum that will give clarity to the practice on the site. Sometimes I will give you a heads up if you are interested in being humiliated and dominated by lines. Already I had a sissy bimbo besides LD launch the program. Writeforme.org…sign up and get started, and let me know you did.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7154