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November 2018
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Masturbation Management: The Unruly Cock

Control The Cock Control The Boy

Masturbation management is just a fancy word for cock control. It became popular in the 90’s when phone sex became very popular and made it’s way to the web causing a huge explosion, if you want to think of it that way. Hey hey, my my, phone sex . . . → Read More: Masturbation Management: The Unruly Cock

Pretty Little Cages

New Cages

Joeanne has new cages and likes them much better than the cb 6000. Tonight we have a stroke and tease session, learning the fine art of edging without orgasm. Three days of free range did not result in super horny chicken without a head behavior. Joeanne is well disciplined and is . . . → Read More: Pretty Little Cages

Masturbation: Plain And Simple

Cumming Into The New Year

Welcome to 2017. My short vacation from blogging was filled with masturbation management research of course, oh yes, sissy training as well. We cannot forget our little sissies now can we?

Variety Is The Spice

So my little research also include experimentation with my submissive boy who hangs . . . → Read More: Masturbation: Plain And Simple

Stroke And Edge To 2017 Audio

As promised, here is your stroke to midnight audio. 2 minutes and 14 seconds, so time accordingly. Those in strict denial, too bad, not you. But all can stroke, that is if you don’t have a cock cage on. All fetishes prepare. Set the stage. Let’s finish off this year , put it . . . → Read More: Stroke And Edge To 2017 Audio

Ten Little Strokers Audio

It’s audio time again. Now I’m sure ten of you would love to try? Loser eats all! I’m glad I have an air conditioner while I record this, looks like more 100 degree plus weather coming all week.


One little two little three little strokers. Five little six little . . . → Read More: Ten Little Strokers Audio

The Handyman’s Guide To Cockstroking May Audio

I thought it may be fun to address blue collar stroking, well, kind of 🙂


There is something for everyone during “Masturbation May”. Today I’m going to focus on the handyman. hahaha….yes a handyman can be a cockstroker or simply a man around the house. Today you are both!

I . . . → Read More: The Handyman’s Guide To Cockstroking May Audio

Orgasm Denial May

Oh So Busy

Packing for my big move in a little over a week has certainly kept me busy and a bit stressed out. This is why Mistress needs extra pampering and attention. My boy Matt has moved out of the state and he will be two hours away from where I will . . . → Read More: Orgasm Denial May

Cumming Soon…Masturbation May

Get ready for masturbation may. It’s part of your history!


A salutation to the masturbation generation which is actually every generation with the dawn of man. I imagine if primitive  were not cave manning, they were humping rocks in between ceremonial hunts.

Guys have been jerking off for eons while . . . → Read More: Cumming Soon…Masturbation May

Ready For Masturbation May?

Masturbation May Is Almost Under Way

Get your lube and your toys out and polished. Get ready for Masturbation May. I will be Mistress of the week from May 4th to May 10th. What this means is a caller who calls me that week will be randomly selected for a free ten minute . . . → Read More: Ready For Masturbation May?

Masturbation May Audio

One more thing…..I want to drive you crazy stroking on the very last day of the month, yes! Masturbation May is cumming to a close! I want you to listen to my audio and enjoy. Perhaps we can have a Jack off July. XOX


Chastity Mistress Cassandra . . . → Read More: Masturbation May Audio