The Fabulous Noogleberry

I just replied to Ms Rachel’s comment on the famous Noogleberry question. Noogling is made popular by Fuckie Fag Boi and his/her/it’s obsessive passion that we call “noogling”. Her  breasts have now grown to an I believe D cup. She did exaggerate saying she is now a G cup and is heading towards an F cup. The thing with the Noogleberry is you must be obsessive to want big sissy tits, so you must noogle daily. Check out their site and obsess diligently reporting your results to me. Then I can ask you sissies have you noogled today?

Sissies, Have You Noogled Today? Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Have You Noogled Today, Sissy?

Big breasts seem to be a sissy thang. Once achieved, playing with them all day long becomes a habit. This paves the way for plenty of lingerie shopping for push-up bras in all colors. The sexy satiny feel against the freshly noogled breasts really turns sissy on knowing she is in a girl’s body, owning real breasts. The real breasts are so much better than tits built from surgery. From a gurl’s point of view, any tits will do, built or noogled.

Bra Collections Please

I would love to see in my email, bra collections from sissies so I may post them in a special post. The gurl can wear the bras and pictures of just the torso with fancy bras will be posted. Give me a gallery! This will provide plenty of stroking material for sissies who need orders and assignments. Pink bras are the most popular, so these will post first Get to work gurls.
Sissies, Have You Noogled Today? Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Stroke For Me Month Now Winding Down

Stroking for September has gained steam in the last few days. I put some boys on a masturbation schedule of masturbation and denial. For one week jacking off for a series of edges without cumming. Each day two more edges are added to the week. The next week is masturbation with ruined orgasms every day for a week. Last week was marathon orgasms. One boy actually achieved four orgasms in a row one day. This week till the end of the month is complete denial with 10 edges every hour on the hour until bedtime. Boys who work outside of the home are allowed to have two sessions a day. I like live sessions watching Cam for this when possible.

Join Pinxters

Have you checked in to the new kink media site The awesome thing about this social media site is no censorship. Post your dick if you want, and I will meet you there!

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