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November 2018
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Eight Days Of Tease And Denial

Guess who is back and stroking for Me. Yes…stroke pet alex. I rolled an 8 so next Sunday he gets to cum. he is allowed to call Me during the week if he would like, the rules may change of course. Once a week is reasonable for the budget, but he’s a big boy and can make up his mind…is he a big boy? Are any?

alex will be due for some Mistress in latex photos as soon as I can get My latex fetish friend over to take some photos. I can also have sissy shari do them as well. I cannot take these Myself as latex is so time consuming to dress in and out of. My latex friend J is a glitterati like Myself who loves to go to play parties dressed in rubber. J is not into the heavy Femdom fetishes like I am. he is submissive, but mostly likes to hang out, party, and be glamorous. This lets me off the hook for abstaining from alcohol at the parties. So, he is more or less a friend who enjoys the company of rubber.

Speaking of sissy boi shari and alcohol, on Tuesday we go back to the suit store here in Hollywood. shari is a very smart shopper and found the prices here best. We went last Sunday after lunch. I had 2 Margaritas which were very strong. I took several calls when I got home and maybe should not have. o danny boy did a two hour call with Me and I dont remember. Bad . I get an e-mail later on with apologies (???) that danny got out of line. I had to confess to o danny that I was not in My wits and did not recall…lol. Now what is it about Tequila…to mention, this restaurant served very strong top shelfs. Oh and I also bitched at vodka terry….terry boy sending an email like o danny. Oh so bad of Me…..!


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