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November 2018
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The Dog Boy's New Career

Friday’s call was lockdown plus one of nine tasks. The first task is in it’s own words:

Then the first of 9 tasks was revealed. it was required to open a NiteFlirt account there and then. The account was opened, four Listings were set-up, and telephone and credit card details provided.

it is going to be standing by the telephone every night for the next 9 weeks, taking calls and earning money for The Dicktator. The Dicktator will be taking every cent. it is now The Dicktator’s phone sex slave.

The Dicktator has the password to the account so that She can monitor the amount of money in the account, redesign the listings, change the password, etc.

The next call is on Monday during which progress will be monitored. At any time The Dicktator may also want a 10-minute roleplay call, or to put it into the dog suit for another live video stream. Things are going to be really busy for the next 9 weeks.

Essentially what the dog will be doing is consulting. Since it’s handle is “serveinchastity”, it will take calls from curious men who wish to learn the chastity lifestyle. Since it has plenty of time on it’s hands, it will be signed into nite flirt most waking hours. it will be signed in when we are on a call so it can make money for Me , and spend money for a call with Me. it is locked in chastity for a whole month and I posess the keys. it will learn how to edit the listings to attract clients. it is a bright dog , so Im confident this dog will do well. The dog had a cock control call for 10 minutes last week and was denied.

I took a bit of time off to relax at a play party and do some electroplay with a slave who just purchased an ErosTek with uretheral sound and butt plug. This new Eros is quite the amazing toy and needs to be introduced to My collection of pain toys. I was surprised to see 6 girlie bois at the party. I believe it is a year of coming out for many. More and more I am noticing the feminization of the male creature!

call for a session: 1-800-730-7164

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