It’s Spring! Get girlie and pink, get your sissy accessories out, all the way down to those panties!


Hey sissy! It’s time to accessorize. I’m going to check you right down to the pink ribbon tied around your little tiny dicklet. I was blown away the other day  when a sissy poof ball told me she ordered a new expired credit card in pink….la la la!. She also changes her passwords often at work and the name mscassandra is in it, even talking about being a sissy slave, loving pink in so many words. This shows that she is thinking about me and I’m monopolizing her thoughts. This is the height of affirmations, this is the hallmark of dedication, sissy submission to the fullest.

Taking the actual sissy accessories in hand, like the pink credit card, a pink lipstick tube, pink tissue, a compact, whatever object is pink excluding large objects such as purses and clothing, I’m talking about things which you would shamefully hide and blush over. How about a pink condom…yes! A pink pen, things you never imagine girlie boi , but they are because you are. Right down to the bone! Imagine that too, pink bones. Even the cum she eats will be pink!

So I’m here to tell you today, it is spring and all things go pink. I will be checking every inch of you. You can bet on it!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164