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November 2018
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Mind Fuck Addict Humiliation

Exactly what is it. Tease ending in denial is a part of mind fuck humiliation. Sending an email at the last min, or maybe not at all depending on the client’s tolerance level, talking longer than ever, surprising the fucktard with new and different things, which would appear to be flakey in the Femdom . . . → Read More: Mind Fuck Addict Humiliation

Sissy Lingerie In The Mail

Well guess what I got in the mail today, all the way from Italy. Yep from bonzo…dog4thedicktator. La Perla, Wolford, a bottle of Shalimar, a silk robe, a few black nighties. I hope the hound is enjoying his new life in Italy. it was fun while it lasted….

Poor vodka terry fell off of . . . → Read More: Sissy Lingerie In The Mail

The Top Ten Sissy Phone Fantasy Calls

Sissy bois are notorious for their fantasies. The perfect pantied girlie boi is of course dressed on the call but many are not, living the dream in the head. We, the Femdom fantasy artists bring these visions to fruition and breath life into them.

1) The cocksucking sissy slut: Not every slut likes . . . → Read More: The Top Ten Sissy Phone Fantasy Calls

Exhibitionism , Dangerous Humiliation

So I talked to this new slut whom I called ” mad skills mikey” , because the chatty boy said it over and over, so he certainly did prove some mad skills. Skills involving setting up his web cam pointing to his front window as the slut was forced intoxicated with Gray Goose vodka. . . . → Read More: Exhibitionism , Dangerous Humiliation

New Drink!! The Teenie Weenie Martini!

I talked to sissy susanna the other day, fantasy surrounding castration. I like these as much as tiny boy fantasy calls. what I like to do with castation calls is drug the boi with a cup of tea. The boi goes under and is partially aware of the impending castration. At this time I . . . → Read More: New Drink!! The Teenie Weenie Martini!

Back To Five Sets Of Shoes


stroke pet alex is back to five pair of shoes because the ruined orgasm turned into a ruined blast. One stroke too many . After this post he waits for four more posts whenever that is. Next week he goes away on business. A perfect time for chastity . . . → Read More: Back To Five Sets Of Shoes

Bonzo's Last Episode, A Very Long 9 1/2 Weeks Of Humiliation


¬†Tonight at 7:00 pm pacific, bonzo makes it’s last stand. I will miss the humiliated hound as it departs heading to Europe to enjoy the curve of the gulf. I do have the feeling it will be called back to hell soon enough to perform more tasks for Me. it . . . → Read More: Bonzo's Last Episode, A Very Long 9 1/2 Weeks Of Humiliation

Dog Cam Rescheduling

Now won’t this lovely dress go well with soon to be sissie’s pink fluffy slippers? Of course it’s unrealistic to assume one can be made into a sissy. It’s something that is acquired early in life, and all fetishes have very early memories into the hard drive of the psyche. The notion of forced . . . → Read More: Dog Cam Rescheduling

Im Wondering..Is Chastie A Phone Slut Yet?

I havent had a chance to talk to the cock locked boy and Im wondering if his accounts got approved yet. I’m thinking of more listings in the cuckold and cock control area. I have another assignment ready to go for this coming Friday. It’s a doozie. Oh I just checked…I guess not yet. . . . → Read More: Im Wondering..Is Chastie A Phone Slut Yet?

An Evening With The Cavey Man Mikey

I spent most of the evening with cavey man mikey, one of My favorite drunks. What I like about mikey is he is all heart and emotion. Alcoholics have a great deal of sensitivity and intuition which is released by the alcohol muse. Oh yes…the cockroach story….lol…mikey lived¬†in some roach infested apartment with a . . . → Read More: An Evening With The Cavey Man Mikey