What Is Old School Domination?

Old school domination. What is it? Mostly it is very strict play offered by pro dommes in real time. The most intense D/s play I have seen was from the website OWK where Femdom would take their slaves for a vacation. Of course, the Femdom had all the comforts of a large down-filled bed and her slave would be in a corner cage of maybe a truckle bed.

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Play Party Events

This was a time when play parties became popular. They were held in warehouses with elaborate BDSM furniture mostly made by slaves. The more elaborate the scene the better. It was a time of D/s “performance art” with flashy violet wand shows and sparking electro play. I am not saying this fun no longer exists. Since covid and sheltering in place became the norm, the play has become more subdued.

The Sexy Clad Dominatrix

Sexy dominance wear is a hallmark of old school domination play especially rubber. Practicality has replaced the rubber dress with economic and practical skin tight compression wear, biking spandex, and chunky heeled boots. The toys have stayed the same, especially canes and crops. The English Tawse is irreplaceable. Tickle torture is more popular than ever. We are now in the age of tease torture and subtle manipulation of the male submissive.

The Comfort Of Skin Tight Compression Wear

The Mistresses these days prefer comfort over glitterati. After all, a Femdom trussed up in confining leather is great for a photo shoot but not practical for a trampling session. All in all, domination and Mistress play will always be with us. We are a creative species and a restless lot. Missionary sex is for the Victorians. We are the modern tribe of curious kinky beings who love the diversity of sophisticated sex. Yes, we carry on!

Choose Your Kink

Call me for an old school domination session with the strict fantasy of your choice. You can call me too for an erotic stroking session with fragrant hemp rope and delightful tickling. Domination is domination any way you like it.

Mistress Cassandra