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Captivity Role Play For Real

Captivity Role Play With Frustrating Tasks A frustrating task or more like "tasks" locked inside of a big old tent with a combo lock. What's best? Locked Dummy is pretty much over "tenting". He had plenty of lighting this time so he could easily see the two bags of...

Writing Affirmations For Mistress

Writing Affirmations For Mistress Locked dummy found a writing assignment program called "Write For Me". This was a test task designed to keep slaves writing affirmations for mistress. Mistress orders a writing task such as below "I am the locked dummy for Ms...

Conditioning The Submissive Slave

Conditioning And Control Conditioning is important with just about every training on the planet. From dogs to conditioning the submissive slave.Preparing a boy for chastity training, dressing a sissy for feminization, and conditioning a captivity slave for a weekend...

Sissy Affirmations In A Walnut Shell

Fuckie Fag Boi's Sissy Affirmations I say a walnut shell because it is large and shaped like a brain. Most laugh about sissies being bimbos and mush minds, but for the most part they are quite clever and sound of mind. After all Native American tribes call them two...

The Sissy Pest Erotic Audio

Oh, I have run into this type of sissy. The sissy pest is a brat and needs a special Mistress to put her in her place! THE SISSY PEST AUDIO The sissy pest needs to learn manners. Who she is is a debutante who is most likely pretty and cute. She got her way early in...

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