Medical Fetish Meets DNA

The Future Of Sissy This is a never going back sissy fetish fantasy. It's about a sissy who goes to a DNA clinic sometime in the future and comes out a real girl. Imagine that. With the snap of a finger. I imagine in the future a sex change will be instant due to DNA...

Jerk Off July Erotic Audio

  What else would the hot an sweaty month of July be. I imagine a deep south garden party full of southern bells fanning themselves and drinking mint juleps while the gardner gets unrelenting woodies. Here is the erotic audio about the possibilities of Jerk off...

The Incredible Shrinking Penis

Wanna Be A Tiny Boy? The incredible shrinking penis is inspired by a Femdom or so she says, about how one can shrink a cock adding smaller and smaller chastity cages over a period of time. It sounds to me that this domme wanted some Tumblr humor attention because who...

Bend Over Sissy Erotic Audio

HOW TO BEND OVER AND TAKE IT LIKE A SLUT Oh sissy slut…this audio is for you, the ones who voraciously suck cock and eat cum. The prissy sissies will listen too because bad girl image in a prim proper dress is often a fantasy in their deep dark world of perversion....

Sissy Summer Wear Erotic Audio

Here is a fun audio on sissy summer wear. stockings or else! SUMMER SISSY WEAR AUDIO Many of us have been busy blogging on sissy summer wear especially bikinis and body prep. I’m going to talk about sundresses, strappy heels, and how to make them work...

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