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Electroplay Fun Enhances All Kink

Electroplay Fun For Kinks I'm researching electro boxes  for a few boys who would like to add something different to their calls. Electroplay fun is great with cock control. I like the Rimba unit because of it's versatility and nice price. Attachments can be added for...

Sissy Valentine Erotic Audio

Happy VD gurls and stroker boys. Here is a little audio for sissies today. I love making sissy audios because I have so much fun humiliating them and making them squirm.  Imagine a tall willowy redhead today, walking down the street to a photo shoot. She is definitely...

Fear Of Chastity And Cocklock Training

Fear Of Chastity What is fear of chastity and cocklock training? Tell tale signs are filling out the application, emailing, and getting cold feet. This has happened three times in a row in the past few months. Chastity can be iintimidating. I agree it seems final. The...

Sissy’s Sexy Winter Outfit Erotic Audio

SISSY'S SEXY WINTER OUTFIT As ladylike as she can be, she is still a sissy slut. Don't let the clothes fool you. She can suck cock like a champion. Listen to sissy's sexy winter outfit above and get your Nordstum catalog out to order it! So you came over for advice...

Cuckoldress Porn Star

From demure housewife to a cuckoldress porn star. How in the world did that happen??? It's easy when you have a little dicked husband and along the way you discover big black dick on the computer. LDD opened a curious box which came in the mail addressed to him. There...

Camel Toe: Sissy’s New Fashion Statement

Camel Toe is a rage in Asia. be sure to Google "nextshark" to view the product. In the meantime, enjoy the new audio CAMEL TOE Oh No! It’s camel toe! A camel toe pussy form . Google it and see the latest fashion trend in Asia. They make them for men of the effeminate...

Cock Stroking Dice Games

MayICum I posted cock stroking dice games on MayICum a week ago. Check out this challenge here. All of you who are interested go to the post and do it...all except for stroke pet who just passed the four month orgasm denial challenge. Six is the new challenge, and he...

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