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July 2018
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Sissys New Profession Erotic Audio

Erotic audio recorded and provided by me. Be careful what you wish for sissy. One day you will meet a Mistress that will hold you to it. Give a listen and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment.

Sissys New Profession Erotic Audio: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Erotic Audio Bad Gurl Sissy

He said to me on Tumblr : “Yes Mistress, I need to be whored out for real and suck cock, and WORSE. Thank you!” This comment inspired this recording and post.

Tall Red Boots

And worse!!! Oh that sounds ominous. We know what that sissy slut means. She wants to be trained to walk in tall red boots with a tall stiletto heel for starters. With this training, she will last for eight hours or longer on the ho stroll. She will even be able to run in them away from scary clients and lawmen. She then will continue to be submissively on her knees sucking client cock in her exciting new profession.

Jump In With Both Feet

I think the best thing she can do is jump in with both feet. She will be running out tomorrow to visit a tranny slut boutique to find her tall red boots and the clothes to go with them. A nancy boi on the stroll will have to contend with real girls humiliating sissy and shooing her away. After all, clients love tall gurls, and the tranny dick to go with it.

Viva Las Vegas

Where does she go to find a slut c/d boutique? Las Vegas of course! Sin City. While she is at it, she can gleefully find “admiring gentlemen” to practice her new profession on. In the boutique she finds all types of sissy clothes and accessories to make her a smashing success. From stripper to cheerleader, she is a whored out sissy as promised……..

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

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Cane Domination : Elegant & Functional

Cane Domination Governess Style

Cane domination, a form of corporal discipline, is yet another Femdom practice I have addressed before. The cane is beyond a doubt , my favorite method of domination in a “Governess” fashion. This post was inspired by a very good play friend whom I used to play with. His wife was my mentor in the art of caning, and he was the demo boy who loved every minute of it. He was a lucky boy who had two beautiful Femdom administering corporal punishment.

Cane Domination : Elegant & Functional: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Practice Makes Perfect Mistress

If a Mistress wants to become proficient with cane domination, she must practice hitting the target precisely. A cane can do a bit of damage. The strikes are below the waist about 5-6″ all the way to the sweet spot. Cruel Mistress Ilsa von Strix is a caning artist who gave six of the best all the way down to the that spot. Six red lines formed in perfection. These strikes were not given lightly by any means.

Cane Domination : Elegant & Functional: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


How To Practice

Hanging boxing bags make the best practice targets. Practice by making chalk lines in a row hitting the target precisely. Until perfection is achieved, do not do this on a slave. Impact made 5″ below the tip is best. Impact in the middle may wrap the cane causing nerve damage. The back of the thighs below the sweet spot is hot, ending about 3-4 inches above the knees.


Rattan, acrylic, bamboo, fiberglass, crook handle, and one of my favorites “the meanie stick”, should all be in the Femdom collection. The Governess attitude is above all that. Without the tude, she is only rude. The black matt pencil skirt slit in the back with black leather stiletto boots, crisp white button to the top white shirt with black matt Victorian 3/4 corset under breast and to the waist, hair severely pulled back, black frame glasses. Elegant and cruel!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Spanked CFNM Sissy Audio

Sissy gets spanked by the pool after her spectacular strip tease performance to Depeche Mode. Give a listen!


Your pink polka dot bikini looks awesome on you sissy. You lost all of that weight working out at the gym, spent time on your knees with your personal trainer in sissy slut fashion with his big black cock in your mouth. I don’t think he gave you a break on his fees, in fact I think you had to pay more. Now you are here, at my private pool being the entertainment for my girlfriends and me. Get ready. I have a surprise for you…a gift! A swimsuit cover up in fuchsia with mules to match. We don’t want sissy toasted by the sun!

Spanked CFNM Sissy Audio . Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

These mules are the perfect accessory for your salon pedicure you got yesterday. You were thoroughly humiliated being a sissy among all those young girls. The staff then convince you to get French tips and the whole salon was in an uproar. So here you are now, waiting for orders as my girlfriends and I collaborate.

Spanked CFNM Sissy Audio . Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

I walk over to you as you sit on the pool chair admiring your mani/pedi and applying your hot pink lippy. The music comes on and you are ordered to dance to 80’s music, ordered to be as sexy as you can. Should you fail, you will get a spanking from all five of us. Get up sissy and dance, peel away that coverup and grab those ankles. Oh so proud of your sissy slut ways and feminine style….go sissy dance! Listen to the recording to hear the whole thing!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Mummification : Encased and Chaste

Mummification is a captivity fetish I have written about before. It has many sides to it, materials and preferences. This essay is about what I have practiced , and it can get really creative with found material either bought or pervertable. Chastity confinement with mummification is always preferred.


Mummification : Encased and Chaste: Ms Cassandra

I like saran wrap especially for mummification. Order large size online in a variety of colors. Most important is medical scissors first. You will need them to remove the binding material. Saran wrap with bondage tape is especially creative. There is a lot of decoration with this tape which comes in colors too. I love the sissy pink choice with black sheer saran wrap. I like everything wrapped but the feet. Leave the feet free so you can dress them up in high heels. A shiny metal cock cage under the wrap is sexy. Cut around the wrap and expose the cage for electroplay or other play of choice. The mouth is sometimes exposed for lipstick or a ball gag , the eyes stay covered for a distorted view. Wrap the arms separate from the body, then bind together in the end. Holes cut out on the nose always.

Mummification : Encased and Chaste: Ms Cassandra

Some prefer complete encasement with a vac-bed which has a device which vacuums out the air. Nose tubes, zippers for cock, mouth, eyes, ass all included. Perfect for sensory deprivation using headphones and music. This is a scary device, so watch your submissive VERY carefully.

A complete rubber suit with face area zipped closed. Consider this: completely encased and sweating, hoisted up with rope left to hang in suspension. Mistress has full control over the outer zipper to play with you as she likes. Zippers on the suit provide entry ways for nipple clamps, CBT devices, gags, and anal plugs. The music should of course be German Industrial.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

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Pantyhose Punishment Phone Fantasy Call

For LaFag’s next call, and assignments, and pantyhose punishment will be in order. Often a sissy slave will get slack, and for it to admit it, is brave. This lengthy confession will be carried out.

“Mistress, during our last call we discussed pantyhose punishment. A punishment because the slut has not been wearing pantyhose for our weekly calls as required by the rules of this programme.

The slut is a firm believer in “let the punishment fit the crime”. so the slut suggests, respectfully, a punishment of wearing pantyhose from head to toe for all future calls. this means a stocking over the slut’s head, a pair of pantyhose on the top part of the body which covers the slut’s, arms and torso, pantyhose on the bottom part of course covering legs, butt,and feet. if you wish to inflict further punishment the slut will wear two pairs of pantyhose and 2 stockings, head, top and bottom, this is for added discomfort, to make the slut respect the rules of its programs. Please indicate by email before the call if you wish the slut to do this. for security, the stocking and the two parts of the pantyhose can be taped together with duct tape, completing the encasement.”

Pantyhose Punishment Phone Sex Call: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164
Mistress I said the other night that I was disappointed with the progress of my feminization. I realize that I will never pass as a woman, therefore  I want to become the effeminate man this would be most humiliating.
I want to commit to doing the following with you:
1. I will purchase an inflatable butt plug/dildo and use it every day for 4 hours;
2. I will wear every day only panties/pantyhose and stockings;
3. I will practise every day )minimum of 2 hours) pitch control of my voice;
4. I will practise lisping;
5. I will practise every day effeminate hand gestures and modes of speaking;
6. I will wear light make-up every day;
7. I will sign-up for a make-up training course ( 1 day or one week);
8.I will sign-up for a ballet dancing course (wearing pink tights, pink tutu, leotard, and pointe shoes);
9. I will noogle every day for at least 2 hours;
10. I will achieve 38D breasts within 1 month;
La Fag

Domme Depot Sissy Slut Audio

Domme Depot sissy slut audio,next audio installment awaits for those bois who love the strong manly type. Give a listen!


Now why in the world would a super sissy go to Home Depot?? I say super sissy because she is the one who only goes out enfemme. She it the . . . → Read More: Domme Depot Sissy Slut Audio

Feminization Tattoos: The Devoted Sissy

Get Inked and Show Your Devotion!

Feminization tattoos seem to be an ongoing obsession with many sissies. Some will go the length, but often it is just a dream, the desire to be tattooed, branded or scarified for Mistress. A gurl wrote this in my comments and it inspired this post:

“It’s been a . . . → Read More: Feminization Tattoos: The Devoted Sissy

How To Be A Sissy Slut In A Few Steps

Hey sissy slut! Here is my weekly audio just for you!


I would begin with clothes make the gurl. Slutty clothes are plentiful in thrift stores where so many sissies donate because so many sissies purge. Their loss is your gain! I’m hoping . . . → Read More: How To Be A Sissy Slut In A Few Steps

CBT Play Dice Rolls For Pain Sluts

CBT Play Make Your Day!

CBT play is always interesting and creative with the toys that compliment it. One of the Princesses here had an interesting call last night involving cards a boy had made. The Princess called a number from one to twenty 26. He was then ordered to do the cbt card . . . → Read More: CBT Play Dice Rolls For Pain Sluts

Prostate Milking For The Stuffed Up Sub

Prostate Milking

Prostate milking can be right there with medical fetish. Seeing a demo at a play club once was exciting and informative, so all of the kinky fiction you read about asses that are roughly plowed, don’t do it! Be nice to the prostate, it can be delicate and fragile. Done with a . . . → Read More: Prostate Milking For The Stuffed Up Sub