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May 2016
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The Handyman’s Guide To Cockstroking May Audio

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

I thought it may be fun to address blue collar stroking, well, kind of ūüôā


There is something for everyone during “Masturbation May”. Today I’m going to focus on the handyman. hahaha….yes a handyman can be a cockstroker¬†or simply a man around the house. Today you are both!

I laugh at the old saying “righty tighty loosy lefty” because it brings to mind masturbation games and methods of stroke.

Stroking with your right hand is going to be a very tight stroke using all stroke methods with or without lube. That grip will be a very righty tighty squeeze with the whole hand, and with thumb and index finger. Long, laborious and tight strokes make orgasm nearly impossible. even with orgasm granted, orgasm is controlled, then denied.

The tight squeeze  will never please unless Mistress grants it with a looser, juicier grip.

You know exactly what your left hand is for, of course. Lefty is loosy, wet lubed and juicy. It can be a loose as an open palm, just gliding up and down that shaft. Thumb and middle finger if you have a tiny little dick, or all fingers stroking your penis open ended if that cock is big. It must be only one hand

It must be only one hand, the left. ¬†The good thing about the rules of this game is you don’t even have ¬†to eat your cum for me. Just doing the handyman strokes for the whole month of May makes Mistress very happy.

Now get to work, handyman. And don’t forget. Righty tighty, loosy lefty, ok ?

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


The Blue Light Sissy

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

A Brave Gurl

What I enjoy most about fuckie fag boi is she is always ready to take it a step further. For example, today she sent me a pdf of her girlie expectations of the up and coming Amsterdam experience. There was no small talk today. It was all about being a sissy, lingerie, makeup, cocksucking faggotry, and the wardrobe selection while traveling by air. She is now back again in chastity as well, to keep her in line. I forgot to mention today while discussing girlie film, to see “The Danish Girl”. She is reading this so she will pick it up.

The Fuckie Collection

The Fuckie Collection

Her She Male Date

She referred to the she male she will inevitably choose from the street view as “her date”. She also asked me how much she should charge. Ummmm, no darling sissy slut, you are to pay the she male for the hot blowjob you will give her. Fuckie of course, will insist on a condom, and fuckie¬†will have no anal pleasures on this tour. She certainly needs to work up to that. I so love planning all of this out. The session will be videoed for my pleasure, and for my eyes only.

Chaste Of Course

This will be all happening this fall. Fuckie still needs to have her ears and nipples pierced. She needs to work on her breasts, making them larger with the nooglebury, she needs to work on her  wardrobe, and most of all, she will remain in orgasm denial, staying completely chaste, in that pretty metal chastity cage.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Back In The Sissy Saddle Again

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Sissies Need Reminders

Actually it can be any saddle, but it sounds so good with sissy, and sissies do love a Mistress to get them straight and reminding them always of their “short” comings. I was thinking of that Aerosmith song earlier too. Did you know Steven Tyler crossdresses? Of course you do.

Moved In And Ready For BDSM Fun

I have finished moving to beautiful Arizona and it was extremely tiring, and almost over. All things unpacked, in their place, including paddles, strapons, and other various toys of BDSM. Without the help of my boy Matt, I probably wouldn’t have done it. So I am back blogging, flogging, and treadmill jogging, now a desert maiden instead of a beach bunny.

Dickless Has Ideas

One of my first callers back was little donny dickless whos idea of using creamy carol’s silver cummed in thong as donny’s “bib”. The notorious cuckoldress brings it home for donny’s snack, looking so cute around his neck and dripping a load. Such a devious mind, donny. Bad boi.

Turn Your Light Off

I want to also remind fuckie fag boi that his yahoo messenger is perpetually on. I messaged her to see if she was cocksucking in the blue district yet, but alas, no luck.

Welcome Chastity Boy

I had a pleasant¬†surprise to find a new chastity boy in my court, on program for a month trial. He did have an eight¬†day start, but I consider that a warm up, so let’s just say 38 days. I denied orgasm and started day one as usual. Always said, cumming makes a boy lose interest.

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


The Dancing Gurl Sissy Audio

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

I would love it if you sissies would send me a pic of you in your best dancing outfit for my pleasure!


What type of dancing sissy are you? There is more to a girlie boi dancing than being the prima ballerina dressed in a tutu, tights, leotard, and of course pink satin ballet slippers. I know the movement of a leg stretched up on a bar is very appealing. It makes a gurl want to run manicured pink nails over that sissy stick.

The ball room sissy? Dressing in a long chiffon dress, doing a tango with a manly man, holding you close? Holding you closer for a ball room waltz. Whispering things like ” I can’t wait to feel your sexy lips on my manly cock” as your little thimble grows underneath your slippery red satin panties.

Let’s imagine you as a sissy in a poodle skirt enjoying a rock and roll beat to a big band. Waiting for the bad boy greaser to pick you out of the line. You’ll be in his back seat in no time as he takes you on his knees. Say please, daddy-o. Hahaha

I always imagined a sissy enjoying a slow sensual belly dance in front of a crowd of males who have bukkake in mind, and the sissy herself craving a cum eating meal with a bowl of hummus. She looks so amazing with those scarves and silks of all colors flowing with her slutty seductive movements.

Did you say cheerleader? Oh I don’t know, sissy. Since you are required to wear only very high heels, how would you manage?

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Orgasm Denial May

It's time to polish my shoes boy, crawl with tongue ready!

Oh So Busy

Packing for my big move in a little over a week has certainly kept me busy and a bit stressed out. This is why Mistress needs extra pampering and attention. My boy Matt has moved out of the state and he will be two hours away from where I will be moving. Guess who will be giving Mistress foot massages again. Guess who will introduce me to the kinky clubs he has been frequenting. Guess who will be in bondage again. Good old Matt.

May Is For Masturbation Or Not….

So, poor neglected boys whom I have not had time for, I have a question for you. Since everyone will be jerking off like crazy for Masturbation May, how would you like to be in complete orgasm denial with not even one stroke. May for chastity training? What about the adding 5 edges per day, or whatever number you can handle. Marathon orgasms have their place here too. Tell me your ideas. Most likely the first week of May my availability may be limited. I say no strokes until you see me available.

Thanking Some Boys

I want to thank those generous boys who have provided Amazon gift certificates for my new home furnishings. A love seat and a large wood entertainment center is being left behind. A hammered old wooden bookcase as well. Many trips giving to charity, and not to mention all the giveaways to friends. Now what should that audio be of tomorrow? Some masturbation content of course, even if you get to do it or not!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Cumming Soon…Masturbation May

Get ready for masturbation may. It’s part of your history!


A salutation to the masturbation generation which is actually every generation with the dawn of man. I imagine if primitive  were not cave manning, they were humping rocks in between ceremonial hunts.

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The Sissy Moving Fleet Audio

Yes, those of you who know me, know I am definitely moving next month. I am finding out of state moving very expensive…one little two little three little sissies……


As many of you know, Mistress is moving next month. The cost of moving out of state is exorbitant these . . . → Read More: The Sissy Moving Fleet Audio

Cock Hunting For Mistress Audio

Cuckolding Time!

A cuckold should always have an assignment!


Cock hunting for Mistress? Oh I know this is such a fantasy, but we can dream after all?

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How To Abduct A Captivity Slave

Abduction and captivity go hand in hand. Often a Giantess scenario will be infused to make it more potent. As the boy shrinks or Mistress grows, containing the slave is much easier.

Abduction And Captivity

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Another Week Of Orgasm Denial

Spring Into Cock Control

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