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April 2018
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Electroplay The Mistress Way

Electroplay: An Elegant And Sexy BDSM Addition

Electroplay is one of my favorite genres of BDSM play, from the ultra sensual violet wand to the strict and painful tens unit. It adds elegance to the scene, and a lot can be achieved in little time with an electro box.  Mistress and slave can play online with software such as the dreamlover, for surprise “visits”. Humbler toys have an adaptor for electroplay fun adding a shock to ordinary CBT.  Shocks can be delivered with a remote for surprises and punishments. Players at BDSM clubs always gather round when electroplay is being administered, especially when bondage is performed simultaneously.

Electroplay The Mistress Way: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Chastity Training And Electroplay

Metal chastity device meets violet wand for a spectacular shock is both subtle but strict. This generates plenty of attention especially if Mistress is wearing a sexy purple rubber outfit under low light. One time I saw a demo where the Dom violet wanded metal clothes pins that lined a slave boy’s cock. The boy was enduring tens units under sheets of green saran wrap which causes the body to sweat, which in turn conducts plenty of electricity to make the body twitch and spasm.

Electroplay The Mistress Way: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Dreamlover and Watchful Mistress: a delighfully kinky union

Pumping Up The Volume For Chastity Play

Lastly, online chastity training is never boring with electroplay included. The chastity slave can invest in electro devices to make it more than chastity training with cage only. With a dreamlover unit , Mistress and slave have another option of play. this is an expensive unit, however so impractical for some.

Electroplay The Mistress Way: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Final Tribute

A final thanks to Nikola Tesla the true inventor of electricity who was a great humanitarian and wanted free energy for all. Without his genius, it will be chastity as usual!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Shemale Dreaming For The New You

Shemale longings of being a semi girl is something I am hearing lots of lately. What does it take to be a shemale? Commitment is the biggest discipline, the ability to spend money like a woman does on clothes, makeup, even a boob job. There are no “man cave” dwellings and be sure you don’t care about what the neighbors think when they see you 24/7 in your girlie clothing instead of the boring old man clothes. What does a girl do when she gets up in the morning? She separates herself from her opulent bed, adorns herself in a pastel silk robe and floats into the kitchen to make her daily latte. She is always in character which is what she is. A shemale living like a woman, not a sissy slut donning her slut clothes for an occasional thrill on the dirty book store circuit. There is nothing wrong with that at all, but we are addressing shemale lifestyle. Sissies are a whole different gurl.

Shemale Dreaming For The New You: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

What does a shemale do all day? She works like anyone else either at home or in a supportive environment. I knew a shemale in L.A. who worked at a kinky toy shop, and another who worked at a stripper clothing store. Some enjoy being sluts on the street enjoying a bi blow job with plenty of cum to eat for the day. This seems to be the most fun for the working gurl type. The important thing is she is enfemme every minute of the day and still has a dick. Rarely does she have her pleasure tool loped off.

The T-Girl is a sight to behold when she has studied well. Mostly she was born with a feminine look which is easy to transform. Male and female, good looks are the palette that keeps her ahead and on top, yes some T-girls can top depending on that package.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164



Slave Mantra Makes A Happy Mistress

Slave Mantra sent to me by FFB is a testimony to her faggyness and determination to stay on the path of shemaledom and chastity training. She also has a new challenge which is taking a class in makeup artistry. She has to give a name to sign up, and I told her do not use fuckie fag boi or the administration may not like it. She came up with a good one, Fanny Huckabout-Jones which is taken from an Erica Jong novel. She was terribly disappointed with her makeover in the city assignment and decided to study makeup to do her own. Of course sending a sissy slut out en femme to do an assignment is always fun for sissy humiliation. Now, the slave mantra:

repeat after me
“I will stay soft and limp
I will always stay soft and limp
I will never get hard with a woman
I will only get hard for men
My only role in life is to please men
Men with hard, thick cocks
I can only get hard now for cock
When I see a pussy, I will stay soft and limp
Soft and limp for pussy
Hard for cock
I will stay hard for Thick, hard cocks dripping with cum
I will be hard only for cock
Soft and limp for pussy
My clit will only get hard for cock,only cock
No more pussy for me, never, ever.”
Slave Mantra Makes A Happy Mistress: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164
Now who can abide by that. Writing a slave mantra for Mistress keeps the intent and the focus up front for all sissies and of course BDSM slaves. I welcome more mantras coming my way , knowing that you are in awe of Femdom Mistress and her training of you. Don’t be afraid of your talent, after all, you embarked on this training for a reason.
Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Dildo Riding Safe Passage

Chastity Training And Dildo Riding

Dildo riding plus chastity training is an exciting and challenging session so I am told by shemale paulina. Paulina is a shemale in training and has a way to go. Right now she is simply a sissy who only owns a few panties and some toys. Yesterday she rode the dildo for two whole hours enjoying every minute. Permanent chastity is being discussed. How many can endure that type of training? Not many.Dildo riding is not recommended for extended time with a prostate problem, so be sure to be honest with your Mistress.  Be sure to have a webcam to make it most interesting for you and Mistress. Skype sessions are available and immediate, so set one up when you have the spark and challenge.

Dildo Riding Safe Passage: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Ride Safely

Who loves to ride. What makes it fun and stimulating. The male g-spot of course. The prostate must not be handled roughly. If you want dildo riding, prepare with lots of lubricant. In fantasy we imagine a Femdom rough riding and plowing your ass mercilessly. Strap on play should be conducted with a steady and sensual stroke, no cowboy bucking or dildos with spikes. Train with smooth graduated butt plugs well lubricated and well handled. Slowly enter the pussy ass slow and slippery.

Permanent Chastity

Permanent chastity is mostly a fantasy wishlist item. It is a challenge for distance training and best done in a female led relationship where boy is watched carefully. The next best thing is a P.A. piercing, a chastity device that accommodates it, and key not available. Permanent chastity could mean a break here and there in a FLR. It also works with a boy who is permanently a slave who needs out of the device for various reasons. This is not for dilettantes, only for serious trainees.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Panty Hose Sissy Organization

Panty hose organized in this way shows me that this sissy, FFB, is very serious about her sissy wear. Not only does she have variety and taste, she has organization skills. My panty and stocking drawer does not look this good . The panties are washed and thrown in the drawer, no folding, no fuss, as long as they are clean. Not FFB, she is impeccable. Soon the new chastity cage will arrive, and she won’t have to worry about hose and panties ruined from unforgiving sharp edges of the old lock.

Panty Hose Sissy Organization: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Notice the crisp white comforter used as a backdrop for her collection, I remember she used to shop at “White” in London. Everything in the shop is white. White is hard to wear for me, not only would I be a tad too pure, but it is easy to soil. Give me black and the jewel tones.

Let’s swap panty hose info to Noogleberry. Sissy slut Nikki was asking about the breast enlarging, breast enhancing Noogleberry and the results. FFB is not happy with her breasts and want them much bigger. Even with hormone injections for girlie bois, they never seem to get any bigger than a B cup, so you know what I am about to say. Breast implants of course. I have an average B and I am happy with an average B. Breast implants are for the insecure, and no one is more insecure than a sissy. Sissy humiliation is all about a sissie’s insecurity of not being good enough. Well I have some news for ya. You will never be as good as a real woman, so enjoy the humiliation ride. it’s important in the life of a sissy!

Anyways I want you all to look long and hard at this photo, and get your sissy organization skills in order. There just may be a random check coming your way!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164



Chastity Talk About Cylinder Locks

The Cylinder Lock Chastity Talk Topic

Chastity talk today  is a short essay of the chastity cage for fuckie fag bois five and a half year sentence. I definitely approve this for men and sissies alike.

The fags teste-imony except she has no dick to speak of:

Mistress, as we discussed here is . . . → Read More: Chastity Talk About Cylinder Locks

Sissification And Chastity Training

Sissies In Cages

Sissification is nothing new on this blog, nor is chastity training. I have challenged sissies ages ago into the cage, but often enough they rejected the challenge. Not so much anymore because they realized too much time was spent jerking off in pink nylon panties. I get it, the fetish is . . . → Read More: Sissification And Chastity Training

Sissy Wear, Have A Variety

Sissy wear must be varied. Often I talk to too many gurls with a few panties, maybe some stockings, and bra if I’m lucky. Some don’t even have shoes! This will not do. I have some selections I will post from a gurl that was all in red for the last call. Red is . . . → Read More: Sissy Wear, Have A Variety

Nipple Play Delicious Torture

Nipple Play Gauge

Nipple play in various degrees of pain is illustrated in the image below. Let’s face it, dice rolls and new ideas are always necessary for keeping the interest in any kind of BDSM training. 

Self Bondage Will Have It’s Own Page

With fuckie fag, we use “clothepegs” exclusively for their ease . . . → Read More: Nipple Play Delicious Torture

Bondage Preparation Part Two

Bondage Preparation   This Part covers fuckie fag bois self bondage odyssey. Self bondage takes great focus. can you tell this fun will include cum eating? Any Mistress would enjoy visiting this house finding a sissy slut like this making herself useful in a creative way. Self bondage has been viewed by me on many fantasy . . . → Read More: Bondage Preparation Part Two