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January 2018
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The Seven Day Challenge For A Slutty Sissy

Slutty Sissy, Prepare!

Slutty sissy alexis, my sissy fag always has brilliant ideas so she sent me a request for doing seven days of assignments in a row, for the privilege of cumming. Oh yes yes of course and eating it too. It’s a sissy fag test, and maybe you can do it as well.

The Seven Day Challenge For A Slutty Sissy: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Program

1)For day one, the beginning of the seven day challenge, we need to drain the little sissy garter snake because a sissy does not do so well under pressure and needs to calm down with an orgasm. She must eat it! She must drain the snake four times to be able to participate in the challenge.

2)Day two is shopping day for lingerie. All lingerie must be tried on and given A-1 approval by the staff. The staff has the option of checking the fit. The sissy does not insist because an associate may not be interested in humiliation, and may not care to see your little dick.

3)This is glory hole day for the purpose of  fulfilling what sissy always wanted. I will make sure this lands on a Saturday for a busy blow job break in.

4)Today is mall day, all day long. Sissy must go enfemme and have her nails and hair done. One pair of shoes purchase where she tries a number of pairs until I approve. Pictures sent of the selections and I get to pick.

5)At home butt plug training and dildo sucking. The small, medium, and large plugs in pink are ordered and for the next 3 days, small, medium, large are lined up for use. Dildos are sucked randomly, as Mistress sends an email to do so throughout day 5.

6)Spend a whole day in a chastity cage. Random checkups throughout the day. You have 3 minutes to take and send the picture.

7) The final day is a real treat. Cock edging the last day for the full 24 hours. Cumming will not be allowed until Mistress orders it, perhaps a few days after or not at all.

Enjoy, and get to work!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Coached Cum Eating For Beginners

Coached Cum Eating Is An Acquired Taste

Coached cum eating is an acquired taste, pun intended. If you have never eaten your cum and repel at the thought, then this post is for you. Start out slow and start out with sweet or salty pre-cum. The problem with that is sometimes your lube may mask the taste, so try to dry stroke. Dry stroking is not for everyone so if you use lube, make sure it is unflavored. Coconut oil is my favorite lube, and if you are new to it get “extra virgin” hahaha.

Coached Cum Eating For Beginners: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Tiny Little Steps

On that very first virgin voyage call, we may just have you eat a very small amount. Don’t hang up! Just be open minded and try it. You contacted me because of this so just be impeccable. Try! You may ask Tom who is a cum eater and a cock control stroker in the comment section for cum eating tips. On my last post he used oysters. I’m getting to food.

A Tasty Menu

Coached cum eating with food. Strawberry cum cake is a favorite with many. This is for beginners as the taste is nicely masked. A sweet biscuit for the bottom, sweet frozen strawberries, whipped cream and cum from an intense tease and please call. The whipped cream goes on last remember. The trick is to keep on the phone and add the whipped cream and begin to eat.

Eclair Or Hot Dog?

Another beginner menu is and eclair. An eclair of course is as long as your dick unless not. Small penis humiliation can be integrated in the call. An eclair is messy and you also must squirt while stroking the eclair out. The taste of cum will be masked nicely. Prefer a more savory dish? A hot dog with bun will satisfy. Cooled down to room temperature and split grilled on a toasted bun with condiments of choice will definitely satisfy! Bon appetit!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Advanced Cum Eating: A Primer

Advanced Cum Eating Made Easy

Advanced cum eating: a primer? That could be the shortest book written because 95% of cum eaters fail at the end of the call. Most just hang up the phone but not in a heavy handed way. Hung up in a gentle and quiet way as if to say “I’m sorry Mistress”. I did have one boy today who actually had some raw oysters and a silver platter for the occasion.

Advanced Cum Eating: A Primer Ms Cassandra :1-800-730-7164

Cum For All Occasions

This cum eating boy is a boy of Ms Erika’s who was left in my care while she takes a little vacation. No panties or sissy proclivities, but there is a great deal of faggy boy cocksucking for sure. With a flair for the dramatic, and the ability to cum a few times, this makes him a very fun cum eating caller. Such enthusiasm I have to add, which will all lead to the very last agreement: Always Do Your Best.

The Slippery Sensation Of Cum And Oysters Slipping Down Your Throat

Advanced cum eating is just a fun way to say that he is an expert cum eater with lots of other kink included in the call. I imagined him in a tuxedo minus the pants, but the boy stockings and executive shoes. Holding a champagne glass made of fine crystal while the platter of raw oysters awaits the much anticipated load, he was teased and denied for a fair amount of time until final delivery.

The Fourth Agreement

Decadent it was as the silver tray was described, and “always do your best”was inevitable.  This brings me to having fun in your kink. Do not agree to hard core BDSM if you are not inclined. Do not crossdress if sissies make you sick, negotiation always. The old saying “ya gotta wanna” and the D/s motto goes as such: Safe, Sane and Consensual.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

New Year Orgasm Denial Agenda

Your New Year Orgasm Denial or CumFest

New year orgasm denial agenda? What if I say you get to cum if you have been in orgasm denial for me for months. What if I just decide to tease and deny for a few more days. Do you like sexual surprises or the exact answer with no spontaneity. Chances are it has been decided already through negotiation but then again, I won’t be working when the bell tolls midnight either.

New Year Orgasm Denial Agenda: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Cock Goals

It’s time for you to decide your goals for 2018 in the cock control area of the upcoming year. Shall I decide chastity training for you or do you want masturbation management and cumming each time. This is a good place to reflect on the third agreement “Don’t make assumptions”.

The Third Agreement

We swear that what we assume is real. We assume what others think or do and take it personally without even knowing what they think or feel. Much blame without knowing goes into making assumptions, and much power gets lost in the mix. As you can tell by now I am all about personal power and preserving it for the benefit of health and peace of mind.

A good example of this is a Mistress does not hear from her orgasm denied boy for more than a few days. Some may think he has gone renegade and had a private stroking session with plenty of cum to eat. I wouldn’t assume that because sometimes we have to take care of business. If a boy is designated at a certain time to send emails, then he may just have done that. If not, no assumptions should be made. There is internet, family, anything could be possible. This of course works in reverse. Making assumptions will cause so many gaps in online communication. It’s online and don’t assume perfection. So they all lead back to the first agreement of being impeccable with your word.

Happy New Year!
Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Parole Mistress And The Parolee Slave

International Male Chastity Day

Parole Mistress has her work cut out for her . Since January 14th is the International Male Chastity Day, it may be very possible to pass the penis of this tiny cock celebrating 60 days of chastity training and orgasm denial. Nothing is mentioned here if the slave gets release either. Maybe it would be best  to set up a “pass the little locked penis” session for slave auction with him that day.  We  Mistresses could take turns to interrogate him to find out how well he could do being their submissive chastity slave house boy.

Parole Mistress And The Parolee Slave: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Interrogation Material

*Locked 24/7 in chastity cage (currently on 60 days orgasm denial during training period)
*Will pay to serve Mistresses and Princesses
*Submissive, obedient, and docile
*Proficient in all housework, cooking, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning of sex toys
*Washes cars, mows yards, cleans pools
*Performs cunnilingus, fellatio, ass licking on demand (good luck with this option) , eagerly swallows all cum from male hosts
*Provides pampering and spoiling of Mistresses and Princesses, back massages, foot massages, toe licking
*Tease him, spank him, whip him, make him scream and squirm with some pegging, small cock verbal humiliation, cuckolding
*Trained to sleep at night in an animal cage, wears collar and leash during the day

All of this can and will be used to grill this slave for the convenience of the pass the penis Mistresses involved.

His Crime

How did this slave end up with such a severe parole sentence? That is to follow , but I will tell you he touched a Victoria Secret sales associate inappropriately and was then sentenced to 2 years of 24/7 chastity. I am the parole officer, and I hold the key to the cock lock.
I will let this slave comment on this blog post on how he cannot find a job because he is a pervert. But he did find one job for Ms Olivia and Ms Delia at “Wit’s End”, a nice little dungeon working as a cocksucker and splooge boy wearing his panty collection shown above.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164



Merry Christmas And A Kinky New Year

Make Your Kink Plans For The New Year

I expect a very kinky new year for you all. Thanks to my wish list boys who gave me stuff, and to “The low key guy” who never forgets me on my birthday or Xmas. Whoever has a lot of money, buy me the MacBookPro please . . . → Read More: Merry Christmas And A Kinky New Year

Impeccable Stroking: The First Agreement

What Is Impeccable Stroking

Impeccable stroking is being impeccable with your dick. are you familiar with a book called The Four Agreements? Here I will go through them for four blog posts, and they will make a great deal of sense in pursuing a cock control program for both Mistress and the stroker boy.

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A Giantess Christmas Fantasy

A Giantess World

A Giantess can do pretty much anything she wants when a boy has been shrunk down. The important thing is to contain him so he can’t escape. Especially if she is going to give the 2″ man as a Christmas gift to another Mistress.

Shrinking Stones From Outer Space

This . . . → Read More: A Giantess Christmas Fantasy

Masturbation Management: The Unruly Cock

Control The Cock Control The Boy

Masturbation management is just a fancy word for cock control. It became popular in the 90’s when phone sex became very popular and made it’s way to the web causing a huge explosion, if you want to think of it that way. Hey hey, my my, phone sex . . . → Read More: Masturbation Management: The Unruly Cock

Guided Stroking With Two Of The Best

Guided stroking with expert strokers back to back makes me think of cock stroking olympics. Who will win the gold medal…..chastity cage that is. No winners in this game as there is really no contest, except between Mistress and the boy.

In the photo are stroking tools for a good guided stroking time . . . → Read More: Guided Stroking With Two Of The Best