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February 2018
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Self Bondage For The Brave Of Heart

Creative Self Bondage

Self bondage is not new by any means. Unbeknownst to me, fuckie fag boy practiced this brave and solitary BDSM game awhile back, and now it has been brought to my attention. On this blog, he will be sharing the techniques and experience, and be warned it can be dangerous. It describes one of her BDSM fantasies which involves her favorite materials. Nylon stockings, pantyhose, chains and padlocks, all used together in a fantasy about encasement, self bondage, and trance state. Every post will include more details of this self bondage. Here is the shopping list.


2 pairs of pantyhose in the style preferred

2 stockings, thigh high and stay ups not recommended

duct tape precut (3 or 4 strips 1″ in length, one strip 3″ in length

1 condom to hold all of the cum which will be eaten after the session

A trance tune on MP3 with ear buds. Ex: fuckie chose Lullaby by The Cure

18 feet of chain cut into 7 lengths of 2′, 2′, 2′, 3′,3′, 3′, 3′

8 or 9 small padlocks ( small enough to pass through links

a key “fob” made of rubber or a soft textile

a fully charged cell phone in case of emergency (lol). Practice selecting and calling the emergency # in the dark

a bottle of water with straw or tube.

Sissies Love Bondage

There was a sissy slut that was a self bondage fetishist a few years back. She was passed around and would cam. She wore tall ballet fetish pumps and would hog tie herself  with rope and miraculously free herself. As I recall, the tether was hoisted above to a ceiling fixture. I would always hold my breath on this call, but she always got loose. A sharp knife was always nearby.

I think the audience here will find fuckie’s strategy a bit more complicated and very amusing. Get shopping for next installment coming in a few days.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Self Bondage For The Brave Of Heart: Ms. Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Sploshing For The Main Course

Sploshing For The Main Course: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Joy Of Sploshing

Sploshing doesn’t always have to be whipped cream and chocolate syrup. What about the main course? Pork n’ Beans, Chili, Beef Stew, and whatever else you have in a can with lots of savory liquid. Condiments like ketchup, steak sauce, apple sauce, you get the idea can accompany.

Having a sploshing call is always pleasurable and amusing for a Mistress, especially when the gran finale is cum eating, which I have to insist upon. Slippery food which I don’t care for, makes for good stroking during a masturbation stroke session, all on cam of course, so I may view the show preferably without any drop cloths for full effect. But I understand if the decor must be protected. How would you explain it after all. Last night the food fetish and cum eating enthusiast gave me a great show on Skype for a little while, featuring plenty of his own homemade chili. I told him with this call, no desserts are allowed. Oh….didja sign up yet?

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If you have any questions please email us at

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

CFNM And Chastity Humiliation

A Good CFNM Session

CFNM with a shiny metal cage can definitely make a naked man blush while serving a group of dominant women with an agenda. That agenda being CFNM humiliation. Better learn how to dance, boy. The riding crop will crop a little harder if you don’t. Why is he in a chastity cage all inquire? Because it humiliates him to know he no longer owns his cock, but somehow he absolutely loves it. He gets punished for getting hard in the cage even though it is inevitable. His metal cage is a very exposed one so all is known about the behavior of the locked dick in complete orgasm denial.

CFNM And Chastity Humiliation

The Duties Of A CFNM Servant

So how does the CFNM boy serve? He entertains along with the domestic duties of a humiliation slave, and I will get to that! The best boy I ever had in this situation did many things. Dance and strip, human furniture, prepare food and drink, become a bi sucking fag boi dressed in sissy maid wear, and of course the cum eating monster with a blow up doll mask.

Human Furniture Of Course

My all time favorite human furniture object is of course the floor lamp with large vintage lampshade. He simply wears the lampshade and stands in front of the pole with mechanism intact. His job is to turn on the chain switch when someone grabs his chastity cage indicating to turn on or off the lamp. His head is protected from the lightbulb. The cue will be, let’s have less light which means it’s time to put on his stripper clothes to entertain in that way. All things mentioned above will be done. He will remain in chastity after the party ends. He will have fulfilled his end of the bargain to be ordered back again.

I’m happy for the boys who have been in denial and in chastity who called yesterday. It was St Val’s day and everyone got to cum!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Crossdressing The Domestic Slave

CD Or Sissy?

Crossdressing is definitely not sissy mentality. A sissy is much easier to dress up as a domestic slave, however, because it involves total submission which crossdressers mostly lack. Crossdressers can be down right dominant, asking you to have vanilla sex and to get a little switchy. Big fat no, so a crossdresser in my realm must be willing to submit to a Mistress. I have talked to cd so masculine sounding that I had a hard time imagining them in panties. Sometimes I get a picture which helps, and it can be very surprising.

Crossdressing The Domestic Slave: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

A Crossdressing Supervisor

Sometimes in real time D/s play, a crossdresser will apply for domestic duties. If they are fit for the job, why not. Often enough a Mistress will have several sissies who have domestic duties. If Mistress is busy, a crossdresser may provide supervision over the sissy maids on any given time. Often a cd likes a little corporal discipline and may top from the bottom to get it. This needs to be watched carefully. The last thing a Mistress needs on a busy day is a caning session on a SAMY.

A Great Addition

Crossdressing the crossdresser may have been a better post title, but I decided on this to address the crossdresser being dressed other than a slut. So, the challenge is, cd seeing the maid regalia laid out on the bed and not protesting. Having a willing and attractive sissy maid certainly helps with hopes of having a reward at the end. What the crossdresser mainly wants is an intro into the kink world, and may have valuable experience in catering. Being around peers is important in the often solitary BDSM world. Unless she lives in a big city, cd clubs may be scarce. A Mistress must interview with an open mind, a cd may be a huge asset.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Nancy Boi Ashley Does A Deep One

A Nancy Boi By Any Other Name Would Still Be A Sissy Slut

Nancy boi Ashley was once sissy ashley. (I think every Mistress here knows her) Not anymore since she got her brand new dress that has a logo “nancy boi”.  Good times early this week with this little slut on Skype showing me her brand new collection of sissy spring wear, huge fat dildo, and her new toy ass anchor. Amazon has a three piece masters series called the performance anal anchor which is the ultimate in butt plug training. The plug unfolds like a flower and expands, needing no pump. It is very efficient and very comfortable, but I did see ashley a bit uncomfortable. That’s why I recommend the master’s series, to break in slowly.

Nancy Boi Ashley Does A Deep One: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

A Ten Inch Dildo Came Out Of The Toy Bag

Along for the ride was a 10″ dildo that nancy boi sucked and deep throated expertly and voraciously, two times for me because I insisted to see the deed another time. She did it at such an angle with a selfie stick, I so wished I could post it. This performance was all for getting ready for her real man date this weekend, a tall muscular and big dicked male. Tonight ashley was begging for small penis humiliation and of course sissy humiliation.

Big Dildo Recommendations For Another Slut, Please

So then, a boy of mine was asking about brands of dildos in the 10 to 10 1/2 inch range. I told him to check the comments  for recommendations because I know the dildo dudes will chime in with the biggest baddest dildos. If they don’t, Mistress will be very disappointed. So do it, boys and bois and make me and my sissy slut soon to be in a 24 hour chastity run, happy!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Chastity Lite, Give It A Try

Chastity Lite, Allright!

Chastity lite does require a chastity cage so be sure to have one on hand. I had fun with one of my boys who claims to be afraid to try a chastity training program. No problem. Since it is done by hours, not days or months, or even years, it’s a . . . → Read More: Chastity Lite, Give It A Try

Chastity Device Is Ordered

Chastity Device Assignment #1 Done And On The Way

Chastity device shopping is always fun, and mostly I leave it to the boy in chastity to browse around for new toys. Fuckie went shopping on toys4naughtyboys in the U.K. and purchased a lovely device called The Lock. It covers most of the cock so . . . → Read More: Chastity Device Is Ordered

Splooge Boy Tom Loves To Eat That Cum

What Is A Splooge Boy?

Splooge boy meaning, in case you want to know, is really easy to figure out. Splooge is cum, and a splooge boy cums, eats it, jerks off quite a bit, may work in a glory hole with a pail and mop, and has anything to do with stroking his . . . → Read More: Splooge Boy Tom Loves To Eat That Cum

Chastity Sentence: Five And A Half Years

The Chastity Sentence Is Underway

Chastity sentence was decided by yesterday. Yesterday was day one, 20 die were rolled and it could have been worse. I’m happy with it because it is more realistic than 60 die rolled and in chastity for 100 years or more. I believe fuckie fag boi can do . . . → Read More: Chastity Sentence: Five And A Half Years

Chastity Games For The New Year

Chastity Games And Denial Dice

Chastity games keep the interest up while enduring the challenge of chastity training. when I run out of ideas or just too busy to crawl the web, fuckie fag boi always seems to come up with a new plan. Fuckie writes:

Mistress happy new year and happy chastity games

. . . → Read More: Chastity Games For The New Year