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August 2017
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Captivity Slaves Do Well In Chastity

Captivity Slaves At A Glance

Captivity slaves have not changed much through the years. They love the idea of a custom made cell in the basement dungeon with a bed of straw. Orange jump suits, shackles on the wall and portable shackles. Torture implements in plain view hanging from a rack on the stone wall. A Mistress in a prison guard uniform with strict leather stiletto boots. He shudders at infractions which lengthen his sentence in the cell, in chastity, and mostly both.

Captivity Slaves Do Well In Chastity. Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Chastity Lock Down

Chastity cages for captivity slaves are always silicon cages with a plastic restraint for a lock. There will be no sharp objects to file off the restraint. The cage is inspected daily by the Femdom prison guards. While in captivity, the slave is spot checked any time of day or night. Why did he become prisoner. In this realm of BDSM, he requested it and agreed to the rules.

Captivity Phone Sessions

I’m looking for the perfect captivity slave for phone sessions. He must not be married, it will not work unless his wife is into prison guard femdom. He must have a so mentioned dungeon equipped with all of the bells and whistles. Ideally he will work at home on the computer so a cam is available and maybe a time release for the door lock for business trips or other duties which require him to be away from home. As far as food goes, his wife prison guard or a “meals on wheels” type service will be arranged.

The Best Slave

Sometimes a captivity slave will be immersed in the fantasy where he can be trusted to keep the cage on, the cell locked, and successfully denied orgasm. This is the best slave because he will not be careless. He will truly worship femdom and psychological mind fuck games. Are you out there?

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164



Medical Fetishism: Clinical Role Playing

Medical Fetishism Beginnings

Medical Fetishism is one of my very favorite playtime pastimes. I remember back in Los Angeles being introduced to it by a dear Mistress friend and mentor, Ms G. She had a slave husband who was in chastity much of the time. She had a playroom in their house which was devoted to medical play, complete with examination table with stirrups. Trays of electro attachments, speculums, medical drawers full of examination devices, and a big bright lamp above the table set the tone for this play room. Of course medical restraints hung from the sides of the table.

Medical Fetishism: Clinical Roleplaying. Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Medical Fetishism Room

We made sure the three of us got to the dungeon play clubs early so we could grab the medical room. Mostly, the medical room always seemed to be vacant, but one never knows. We always drew a crowd of lookie loos. Ms G also mentored me in electroplay. She had a violet wand kit and several tens units, one being the famous eros tek wireless with butt plug and urethral attachments. She also mentored me in caning which was the finishing touch after medical treatment. She was a true Femdom and never deviated from that…ever! FLR was their lifestyle.

Medical Fetishism: Clinical Roleplaying: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Bright Lights And Dental Dams

Medical fetishism for awhile became my focus at clubs with willing submissives who needed a thorough exam. Feet were bound in stirrups, reflex testing with a tens unit, speculums inserted with addition of an electro butt plug, bright lights overhead while a dental dam was inserted, finally “medicine” of saved cum given for prescription. The cock was examined and milked into a condom for the “lab”. Finally a chastity device was “applied” like a protective bandage to prevent “surgery”.

Sexy Scrubs And Stethoscopes

I never wore a rubber white nurses uniform or cap. I preferred actual scrubs altered to look kinky with a stethoscope around my neck. I liked being a doctor in charge discussing how to surgically remove unruly growth and behavioral patterns.

Call me for a medical fetishism phone fantasy should you love this kink.

Doctor Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Ignore Phone Sex : The Activity List

Ignore phone sex really doesn’t need a list does it? It has so many possibilities should the call be long enough and planned with an appointment. I would have noisy things lined up so as not to have dead air. Ignore phone sex humiliation sluts have such small attention spans after all. Basically the boy calls to be ignored so the proper mindset must be in order for the Mistress. She must be like she is not on a call at all, because the boy is simply what he is, ignored!

Ignore Phone Sex: The activity list, Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Top of the list is a phone call lined up with a Mistress friend to catch up on things and being sure to answer truthfully with her friend what she is doing at the moment. “I’m on a humiliation call, he’s being ignored…why? Because he’s a total loser and knows he is unworthy of any attention”. Hopefully the call will last the whole hour so they can catch up on BDSM news, events coming, new submissives coming to the munch, things like that.

This is the perfect time to catch up on blogging or emails. A noisy keyboard is really nice, a speakerphone is necessary, and it’s the perfect time to do a humiliation audio on ignore phone sex sluts. A big plus is if Mistress has a sissy maid over for cleaning, a domestic slave, or maybe even a real man who laughs at the top of his lungs and calls the ignore boy a loser and pathetic.

Ignore sluts love the sound of high heels clicking on the wood floor. Some like a gas cat, but that is not my style. A super loud movie or music that the ignore slut hates is part of the list. Mistress checks the line to be sure she doesn’t hear any cock stroking or a dial tone. The dial tone is likely as ignore sluts tend to get deep into this sub space.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Cock Tease Summer Affirmations Contract

Cock Tease Can Be Managed

Cock tease can be dangerous for boys going on vacation. They can pass or fail, especially if they have “marital duties”. Imagine that. A Mistress would consider marital duties in a whole different way, but most phone fantasy boys are not married to Mistresses. Tease and denial, and especially chastity training, will be very shakey ground. It would be good to suspend training for fall unless the boy is single and carefree.

Cock tease summer affirmations. Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Do Not Beg Then Fail

There is a very good reason for addressing this topic. Often I get vehement begging and promising that boy will be chaste, will not stroke, will lock up at a designated time. I prefer to let it go and start over. Clean slates are loved by both Mistress and submissive. After months of cock control training, I can pretty much see how the boy will perform under pressure.

Communication Please

Now what boy is going to tell his wife, “no I am not allowed to cum because my Mistress has put me in denial”. However, for the single ones I require clear communication on how much he loves and needs denial, teasing, or chastity, or all of that. Then the fun can begin. Many a married boy has said see you in a few weeks and boom! Right bildo?…heeheehee.

Need A Contract?

A contract will be drafted for long absences with duties and tasks. Could be he will be overseas and will have problems calling. Vacations in the states will be a little more lenient. Affirmations are in order, and they are drafted in the contract depending. An example for a sissy may be crossdressing assignments, pictures demanded, copies of receipts of shopping. An example of chastity training would be daily spot checks. An orgasm denial boy will call weekly even if on vacation and prepare for stroking games. There you have it!

Mistres Cassandra 1-800-730-7164






Governess In Charge

Governess Play: Is It For You?

Governess play. It’s been awhile since I addressed my enthusiasm for being a disciplinarian with a whole rack of toys that enjoy meeting the flesh. Cato’Nine tail whips, canes of various materials, riding crops, single tail whips, paddles, wooden brushes, and of course leather clad hands for spanking. English boys either love or hate the fantasy. It seemed to take hold in the U.K. first.

Governess in charge: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Governess In The Dungeon

Since my chastity boys are on summer vacation, passed around to the next, or done with programs, it’s time to talk about the phone fantasy callers that entertain me the most. One such boy called me yesterday for cock control, but the subject was only briefly discussed. Most of the call was on dungeon fantasies with psychological and physical torment. We all know that the Governess cane is quite painful. We know that the fetish dressing is very delicious. It is very comfortable too. A black spandex pencil skirt is sexy, especially with a slit up the back revealing black seamed thigh highs and over the knee black stiletto heeled boots.

Governess in charge: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

A Good Day For A Caning and Imprisoning

Clothes Make The Mistress Or Vice Versa

With this outfit, I have a white high button shirt and a black cloth semi Victorian corset that is best suited. Black opera length gloves, mandatory for the glitterati BDSM party . Where does Mistress put her cane when she is reaching for another toy? In her boot of course. On her leash will be a well built slave in harness, or maybe two. A well equipped dungeon with slave made furniture, a rubber doll in tow, all make for the classic BDSM dungeon fantasy (or reality). Call for a Governess fantasy if you like it strict!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Small Penis Humiliation Revisited

Small Penis Humiliation Popularity

Small penis humiliation never loses it’s popularity. This week, I had six phone humiliation callers with small cocks in a row. One lady here wrote a blog post on small penis empowerment, well not me. The small cocks have the brains, so just be happy with that. It could be . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation Revisited

Cock Control Through Humiliation

Cock Control, Humiliation, And Chastity

Cock control ultimately leads to chastity training. It does in my world absolutely. Add humiliation training on top of it and you have a sweet trio. It’s great to have a slut with a bit of experience too, be it sissy training, dungeon bondage, different kinds of BDSM if . . . → Read More: Cock Control Through Humiliation

Chastity Mistress Cuckoldress

The Chastity Mistress Is A Cuckoldress

A chastity mistress does well with a cuckold slave, a wonderful pairing. One could say a marriage made in heaven, but for some males, a marriage made in hell. She is a Mistress, a chastity fetishist, and a cuckoldress. What could be more sweet, but why even mention . . . → Read More: Chastity Mistress Cuckoldress

Sploshing: What’s On The Menu?

Sissy Likes Sploshing

The humiliated sploshing sissy alexis called me with detail of what was on the food fetish menu and in that order, let the sploshing begin! A picture was sent after each addition, starting with the chocolate cream pie right on top of her head. I told her to invest in a . . . → Read More: Sploshing: What’s On The Menu?

Feminization For The New Gurl

The New Sissy

Feminization of a new sissy requires step by step training to be the most feminine girlie boi a Mistress can create. Sissy slut, sissy maid, sissy cheerleader, or simply a feminized boy. Mistress will always start with the removal of body hair for smooth, sexy skin.

The Feminization Wardrobe

Depending . . . → Read More: Feminization For The New Gurl