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March 2017
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Ball Busting While In Chastity Training

Ball Busting With Chastity

An inquiry on a remote topic. I will post the answer here. Would it be o.k. if we could spice up chastity training with some CBT and ball busting? My answer is it would have to be very controlled and gentle for the simple fact that that ring to that chastity device cannot be too tight, and if you cause any swelling to those balls there may be a problem. What I propose is finish out the training and then impart ball busting. Ball busting for the most part can be a bit rough and some boys can take it, some cannot. The most I would do is slapping with a ruler or cock whip and squeezing those balls to the point of discomfort but not beyond.

Marathon Orgasms

After the program, and it’s time to cum, my dream scenario is for you to have marathon multiple orgasms. Until that dick has been edged and denied multiple times for at least an hour, ordered to cum and to dine on your cum, then the CBT will begin. Lying on your back and paddling your balls, snapping rubber bands on the shaft, or taking your CBT toys out to play with may be another option.

Tens Units

Electroplay is a favorite, to wire up with pads and shock those balls back into a normal state until the next chastity sentence down the road. How does that sound? Can you be gentle during a chastity time in? If you can submit to gentle squeezing, maybe you could!

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It’s The Time Of The Season For Chastity

What’s your name, who’s your Mistress, is she a bitch, a bitch like me…

An old song Time of the Season by The Zombies, of course the lyrics are completely different. I don’t think chastity training for men was even around back then. Maybe it made it’s debut in the 90’s? Who can tell me this?

My two boys in training did short terms and are now in hiatus, Locked slave rob will be back for more late this spring. One had “slippage” as in cock slipping out of cage due to it being a cb and used for travel. He ended up stroking and cumming the bad boy. At least he told me. Boy #2 is on biz in Europe and won’t be back for two months. Now I would love a job like that minus the work.

My passion is chastity training and I want to play with more boys. Give me a call if you are inclined in this area of domination. Speaking of playing tease and denial games, Matt is coming up in a few days for a visit. He says he needs a little bondage and discipline. Okaaaaay…..:)

Sissies have their big event coming up. This is the absolute best event for the shy at heart to actually don the regalia of the woman they want to be without being humiliated in the wrong way. We Mistresses condone and praise you for your courage!

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Can You Cum Twice?

The Worship Station

Worship Strokes

Oh I love that picture. The shrine was done awhile back by a chastity slave. Chastity forever I say, although nothing is forever. One day this blog will be floating around as particles in space as curious E.T. try to decipher it…hahaha. Anyways I had inquiries of no erotic audios past few weeks? Well no…I’m a little audioed out. Do you want to provide a script? How about commenting. So, taking a break, ok?

Cum Two Times For Me

Anyways the title of this blog means just that. This morning one of my boys did the unusual, for him anyways. Cumming twice in a tease and please session with a little CBT thrown in, surprised the hell out of me! Then we ended up talking about cars and trucks after the last orgasm. He believes the first orgasm was ruined, but I believe he simply came twice. After that one, we talked about wildlife endangerment. Nice to have things in common with a boy besides cock stroking. Both in agreement of the way wildlife poachers should be treated.

No Chastity

This boy has been calling me for years now, and we vary the training with long days of orgasm denial, to cumming on every call. No chastity, not the way to go with him. Just full on tease and denial or stroke and cum for me. way to go, boy. I thoroughly enjoyed how you came twice for me today!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Locked In Pantyhose

Pantyhose Enthusiasts

I do love the pantyhose fetish, and it’s always perfect to talk with an enthused panty hose fetishist. Yes this is me with shiny sheer to the waist pantyhose, I believe Wolfords, provided by pantyhose enthusiast and one time chastity slave fuckie fag boi. Yes I do have a scorpion tattooed on my ankle. This I think is a very sexy area for a scorpion tat. That is my famous elegant acrylic cane, and the rest, wellllll.

A Prisoner In Pantyhose

So back to this boy who called me today in serious need of pantyhose discipline and bondage, not allowed out of his pantyhose ever. The fantasy goes as such, where he is my personal slave and Mistress wants to step things up she describes her pantyhose fetish to him. For him to be in these pantyhose 24/7 and bound to the bed with pantyhose. To be gagged with pantyhose, crotch stuffed in mouth. Pantyhose cock rings. In a chastity cage with a pantyhose sheath to make that cold metal cage bearable.

Orgasm Denial

This boy is still in pantyhose until the next call. Imagine how this shiny fabric teases that cock. He is in total orgasm denial in pantyhose until the next call, and for the next call he may be teased and denied again. I will think about it carefully.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800730-7164


Guiding Matt’s Masturbation

Weekend Fun

It’s always great having Matt around for a weekend. Since his work has ended in Phoenix, he does not plan on returning to Los Angeles. He will be staying in Az but move much closer to me. We plan on visiting L.A. for munches and play parties. Something very sparse in Az. The is one or two things to do in Phoenix, but these are mostly in private homes. L.A. is a hotbed of kink. One event we go to every year is Dom Con, a great venue.

Masturbation Schedule

So moving along to guided masturbation. Guess where Matt is right now? Being a good boy and footrest as I write this post. He’s strong and can stay in a human furniture position for a very long time. I have him on a weekend masturbation schedule, and in complete orgasm denial. When he leaves here tomorrow, he will be locked in chastity for all of March.

March Chastity Training

Humiliation sessions with Matt are very slight. He prefers the soft touch and erotic humiliation, having his cock teased slowly and denied in a strict way. Chastity training is done using mind games and surprise outcomes. He may actually get to cum tomorrow, I have not decided yet. He will be locked for March, however, all of March. So do I have a say in the humiliation department? Yes I do. I prefer to control rather than humiliate. Using mind fuck is the best humiliation, and used subtly.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Ye Olde Smoking Fetish

The Smoking Fetish

I used to smoke a bit, quite a bit. Now I do not smoke per say. I have a few cigarettes hanging around for smoking fetishists. There is no chance I would get hooked again because I am very athletic. I work out in a gym, and I hike canyons. . . . → Read More: Ye Olde Smoking Fetish

Sissy Slut: The Most Fun!

A Sissy Slut You Are

That’s the most interesting category I have been finding. Everyone wants to be a sissy slut in the sissy pageant. Ok then, prove you are a sissy slut. Personally, I wanted to see a sissy maid category. The most festive of wear is definitely in this category. Today . . . → Read More: Sissy Slut: The Most Fun!

The Sissy Pageant!

It’s coming up, and the details are right here

Get Wild!

As every year goes by, sissy gurls get wilder and wilder in this pageant. I’m looking forward to this year’s voting selections, getting on EE for a change to put my two cents in. So get ready ladies, gurls, sissies, trannies, and . . . → Read More: The Sissy Pageant!

The Chastity Key Cookie Jar Audio

Leave it to fuckie fag boi to send me a picture of another brilliant idea. A cookie jar for the large set.


Would you like some cookies with you chastity key? An interesting discovery by slave fuckie. The cookie jar for the food addict , set on a timer to . . . → Read More: The Chastity Key Cookie Jar Audio

Call Me On Mistress Day

Sorry for the late notice. Mistress Day details here.

Play With Me Tomorrow

I will be on tomorrow taking your phone fantasy call if you are so inclined. My two new chastity boys will be hanging out with me for some fun and lockup, lockdown, taking my cocks out for a little stroke . . . → Read More: Call Me On Mistress Day