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July 2016
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Big Dick Little Dick Erotic Audio

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

It’s erotic audio time. Now this should interest a boy’s curiosity on what dick size a Mistress prefers.


A big cock is not always the best cock, not for a Mistress anyways, unless he is born submissive. They are around but they are not the rule. The big dicked man may be less intelligent than a boy with a small penis. He will be more confident and less apt to wear a slave collar or take the whip. Mr small cock loves bondage. He imagines his cock being wrapped in CBT gear. He is a submissive who loves humiliation, he loves hearing the words “today we lock your cock in chastity because it is otherwise useless, and it will keep you from getting a puny little hard on worthy of contempt”.

A small cock is much fun for Mistresses at a CFNM party, being passed around, but not in a conventional way that is. More like a foot stool or a little sissy in panties.

So what is my point? Both have their place. often Mistress likes to ride a big stiff dick without involvement. This is perfect for a cuckoldress Mistress. The penis deficient male is the cuckold, and Mistress is Mistress as always. Not all of this is set in stone of course. There is room for exception. Some very good slaves and sissies have sizeable cocks, and often embarrassed of their endowment. Some small cocks make up for it with confidence and power but they won’t be seen in my stable unless they submit!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


2 Mistress Calls For Boys With Balls

Proctor Beta 2

Proctor Beta 2

So yes. A few chastity emails came in about fun with the proctor. The geek has gone away but if you leave an email on the playground site, perhaps he will respond. But don’t hold your little dick…..

Thursday Humiliation

Ah the main topic. Two Mistresses. I’m in a witty little mood today. As you know Ms Violet and I are planning on having fun with the brave ones who want us to see. You say well, you can do that on Skype on opposite sides of the country. It’s not the same. The ambiance of the two mistress experience is best when the mistresses are together in collaboration. So Thursday it is. We have an appointment with a humiliation slut who likes it erotic, not hard. He enjoys the dynamic we have. I’m the bad cop and Violet is the good cop, somewhat that is. Not to say Ms Violet doesn’t enjoy a little snarkiness. So we will let you know how it went. A no show get’s a swift kick in the….



BDSM Club Bound

Life in Arizona is good, and I have more quiet to make very quiet recordings, so I’m throwing around some ideas for the audio store. This weekend won’t be so quiet though as I’m heading down to Phoenix to play with Matt. There are few BDSM clubs to play in, and my ropes are getting rusty. While doing domestic “I have just moved” things, my thoughts create dreams of being a bad little Mistress. While unpacking my clothes, my white Governess blouse sang to me in the key of B. My black leather gloves hummed to the key of D. My English Tawse crooned in a galactic tone of S, and My black leather boots tapped on the tile to the tone of Mmmmistressss. See you Saturday night slave Matt. Muuuuuahhhhhhh!!!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Two Mistress Calls For You



Book An Appointment

By appointment only. I will need to put on my shoes and walk a big three minutes to Ms Violet’s house just down the street from me. There, we will be hanging out having some tea or wine, indulging your fantasies and ours. You will arrange it by calling dispatch for an in home two Mistress call with us. Often I have had boys ask if a friend is there to watch them stroke. Often I have been asked for an ignore call with company ignoring you.  Ms Violet and I will converse mostly about you. Now that opens up a complete Pandora’s Box!

What’s Your Fantasy

I can just imagine us mind fucking with a will he or won’t he cum debate and decision. Shall he eat his cum, ruin his orgasm, or go into full on orgasm denial. How about a sissy fashion show for us and then a strip tease? I imagine a co-owner chastity session locking you up together. Now here is one that will fly completely: A bit of small penis humiliation shall we?

Yes, We Love To Laugh!

There is nothing like the sound of two Mistresses echoing laughter through the wires whether humiliatingly, sweetly, or any mood that comes up. I’m so looking forward to this novel odyssey. Remember to send us both emails as to when you would like to book an appointment. Should the mood strike you when we are both on, I am 3 minutes away from my naughty little neighbor.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164



Ten Little Strokers Audio

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

It’s audio time again. Now I’m sure ten of you would love to try? Loser eats all! I’m glad I have an air conditioner while I record this, looks like more 100 degree plus weather coming all week.


One little two little three little strokers. Five little six little seven little strokers. Eight little nine little ten little strokers. Ten little stroker boys.

Who will win the stroker tournament? Who will be the last man standing? Will it be a sissy boy? I may be but I doubt it. A manly boy with a fleshlight and control to stoke with instead of panties in palm. Ha!

I put my bet on a chastity boy who has cultivated much control through years of orgasm denial. I certainly will not be a small penis boy. Why? Because a small penis has less area to stroke, so he will cum way too fast, poor unfortunate boy! But each stroker is worthy of attention.

What makes a stroker even more excited and challenged is Mistresses attention directed right at that cock. Ears perk up when Mistress says the first loser who cums first must eat it. Who will be the last and who will win? Oh yes, just the thought of a mistress focusing right on your cock. Think about it. It definitely excites you! Right down to that premature ejaculation which makes you lose.

I think the biggest dick will win. More area to cover, more practice, and more stamina. The smallest cock always loses!

Ms Violet And Ms Cassandra Are Naughty Neighbors

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

the Violet/Cassandra Contingent

Finally I am pretty much settled into my new home in Arizona. I did not mention that my neighbor, a two minute walk from me is the notorious Ms Violet. Yesterday we spent the day together visiting over Mexican food and a drive through the desert. We had a discussion on how fun it would be to do phone fantasy calls together, in the same room, tagging you and playing with you. Ok get this out of your head first: we do not “get it on”. We like dicks best and having girl sex with Violet would complicate our femdom friend relationship. We are going to see how we will manage this, and I will update you. In the meantime, send us your ideas and feedback on how you would like the tag team to handle you!

The Constance/Cassandra Contingent

Locked slave rob is back craving his huge addiction of chastity training, and he is so hungry, that he begged to be trained by two Mistresses. Ms Constance will be joining in for his complete orgasm denial ( that is unless we decide he gets cruel and unusual cumming, if there is such a thing). Today he presented us with another one of his awesome photos. Cock bound up in a chastity device with panties. Welcome back, boi.

Fuckie Fag Boi Speaks

Speaking of chastity locked sissy sluts, fuckie fag boi has written an awesome journal entry on hair removal, of interest to most of our boys/bois who are slaves and submissives. Read on. This is brilliant:

“hair removal has become an obsession with me. Mistress is always very strict about pubic hair, which must be completely removed when a slave is in chastity. A clean asscrack and balls, devoid of hair, is also essential for those intimate sissy occasions. sliding sheer stockings or pantyhose over silky smooth legs has to be one of the most sensual feelings I have ever experienced. you girls are so lucky!


waxing at a salon is the best option for a completely smooth and thorough result, but many salons, particularly in the prudish UK won’t offer that service. so i have tried Nair, very strong chemicals which can cause burns on my sensitive skin. then I tried shaving, but always a problem with ingrowing hairs and infections. recently I bought the Gillette Venus “swivel” which gets in all the right places and shaves at any angle. but it’s a time-consuming task. I just finished watching a documentary about the ancient Romans and their obsession with bath houses. according to this professor in Nottingham, and I don’t know whether to believe this or not, the ancient Romans had scalding hot walnuts(in their shells) placed on their legs  in order to singe the hairs so that they would have smooth legs, they would finish with an olive oil massage and dirt and dead skin would be scraped away by a special tool called a “strygium”. 


bring on those hunky gladiators with the big cocks I’ve got smooth legs!!”

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Chaste Until Christmas

Locked Till The Holidays

Sissy donna is back for another sentence, chastity release will be for X-mas but there will be a few times when she is let out of the cage for doctor stuff. She will be in complete orgasm denial of course. Great welcome back presentation of a waxed body and . . . → Read More: Chaste Until Christmas

Truck Stop Sissy Audio

I couldn’t help but think about truck stop sissies while passing truck stops on my move to Arizona. They are more common than you think. Listen on….


What do you do with a sissy who wears cowboy hats and rides horses while she’s not in sissy mode? You take her . . . → Read More: Truck Stop Sissy Audio

Summer Cuckolding Audio

What a glorious summer this would be, nothing but leisure and servitude from a very lucky cuckold slave:


June is here and it’s all about the halcyon days of summer. Some of you though, get no breaks. You still must do your task of pleasing Mistress in ways . . . → Read More: Summer Cuckolding Audio

Speech Lab For Sissies

A Sissie’s Work

Get Your Girlie Voices On

So you want a high girlie voice sissy? Listen up, my little girlie boi researcher has been busy researching the higher pitch and she has found an article from nyspeechandvoicelab with all kinds of exercises to get girlie. The feminine voice is one octave higher, . . . → Read More: Speech Lab For Sissies

A Sissies Shopping List


In Prepearation For Faggy Boi

Preparing fuckie fag boi for her ultimate assignment is both fun and imaginative. Of course she would never wear anything tacky or cheap. She is a high-class sissy, and always will be. She is now in her chastity cage preparing for her assignment, happy to . . . → Read More: A Sissies Shopping List