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August 2018
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LaFag’s Sissy Shopping In London

Sissy Shopping For FFB

Sissy shopping is by far my fave assignment for all sissy gurls. LaFag (aka fuckie fag boi) had some great finds to bring home . A bra fitting was in order too. I would show the pretty pink card which was proof but the sales associate put LaFag’s boy name on it. It had a cute little pink heart next to it though, so sweet! 38 C. She must be so proud!

LaFag's Sissy Shopping In London: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Report

“Hello my name is Autumn and I understand you are looking for some women’s lingerie for yourself”?
We go up two flights and I am shown into a small room with a bright pink low chair

What can I show you first?

“I think some bras”

“Do you know your size” ?

About 38C but I would like you to take an accurate measurement.


I explained that I liked the bras at the entrance to the store on the ground floor, ivory-colored.

Autumn came back first with a black bra and said, “Try this on for size first. press this bell when you are ready”.

LaFag Gets Help

She went out and I put on the bra, it fitted quite well and i pressed the bell. Autumn came back and said how much she liked it. I asked her if i could try something in ivory. She disappeared again and came back with three bras in a cream/ivory/off-white color.

This time she helped me put on the bra, doing up the back strap behind me. It fitted well and I really liked the color and the shape. She said she liked it too, and there were some panties that matched it, she showed them to me. they had a little ruffle around the waist band which I didn’t like very much but she was very persuasive so I said yes.

She asked me if I wanted anything else. I said I needed “everything” I showed her my list which included:

corset, bodysuit, babydoll, nightdress, pantyhose and stockings, and panties of course.

She took me down to the ground floor and told me to wait while she gathered some things. After a long wait she returned with:

*a pink silk/satin nightdress

*a white nightdress with dots

*a black nightdress in a stretchy opaque material

*a burgundy mesh babydoll.

I chose the dusty pink nightdress and we went off in search of bodysuits and corsets. She showed me a black bralette with a collar which i liked and chose white. I was so disappointed that they did not sell pantyhose or stockings 🙁  Next on the list was panties. I told her I liked thongs because I always like something up my ass. So it was a thong in ivory.

To see the whole event see LaFag’s blog post.

LaFag has posted on her blog the chastity training check ups, and now posting her nipple torment assignments which will be given most days. Sissy shopping is always on her agenda. It is necessary for her growth as a girlie boi. Since LaFag mentioned to the sales associate she liked things up her ass, I do believe anal butt plug training is in order very soon!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164






The Good Chastity Slave Audio Part 1

This erotic audio is briefly about what it takes to be a good chastity slave. Do you have a warrior spirit? Do you love Femdom. Do you have the tenacity.


What is a good chastity slave? For ten years now I started keyholding training and have locked many a boy. These audios are about your need to be a chastity slave, and how to be a good chastity slave. First it starts with your curiosity and your need to control your cock. It’s been a bit renegade lately. It’s been in need of training. You may have a passion for metal cages and have a submissive nature. You love and respect Femdom and all attached with it, especially FLR. Most importantly you have been jerking off way too much and it’s out of control. You need heavy duty cock control, a chastity cage , and a chastity mistress. That’s the beginning.

Now for the facts that determine whether or not you will be a true cock locked slave. Even in a phone sex relationship, a true chastity slave does not “sleep around”. He belongs to one mistress, maybe two as long as they are of like mind and have impeccable communication. A slave can be passed around pass the penis style for variety and for the amusement of Mistress.

Should I find on the first interview that a boy may not be of reliable nature, he then will be on a probationary period of tease and denial for 30 days. Many fail during this trial…patience is the key. Not everyone has the tenacity or the warrior spirit to endure chastity training. You must love the idea of being owned and operated by a strong Femdom.

Chastity programs vary. This will be discussed in audios to come. this may be just what the chastity doctor ordered. Stay tuned.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Good Chastity Slave Audio Part 1 : Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Cockteasing Specialties For Kinky Boys

Cockteasing Pleasing

Cockteasing is fun as long as orgasm denial is not involved you say? You should know better than that! But then again, if requested up front you earn an orgasm. This is beside the point. The wonderful world of cockteasing is varied and personal. One sissy boi I know loves to be teased with a garden hose blasted on his little micro dick (here it is again! Small penis humiliation) as he rolls on a wet lawn, humps the earth and takes the blast up his ass crack. This makes him cum, and who wants to touch it anyways.

Cockteasing Specialties For Kinky Boys: 1-800-730-7164

Cock Tease Posts And Sites

This post is a brainstorm for “Cockteasing Boot Camp” which I am working on today. The audio snippet will be posted on Tumblr. Tumblr itself is a major cock tease site if you know how to follow. If you follow me on Tumblr, you will get your daily fill of Femdom, Governesses, Matisse, and my audios. Now back to cockteasing specialties and quirky kink.

Bondage And Porn

Since I would tease and not touch, nothing beats boy sitting tied to a computer chair watching a loop of selective porn. What I would do is apply an auto suck or a fleshlight, bend over to give boy a breast shot and just grind away to countless masturbation edges. My pristine hand never touches dickie no matter how much boy begs. That is teasing the frustrated cock.

Mind Fuck Teasing

If only you could see my Skype photos of a boy wearing a pig mask sucking a huge dildo. He has a big plastic cup with “cum jar” written in magic marker. This is his lubricant for the butt plug infusion. Teased beyond imagination and ordered to slap his face, he hears the camera click with each photo. No cumming except to fill the cup now and then. The pictures can and may be exported. THAT is his tease, mind fuckery.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

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Master & Sissy Slave Audio

I think every sissy has imagined having a Master to serve.


Sissy’s curiosity has finally reached the almost final frontier. A dominant Master. At first the strap on dildo was gratefully sucked from my harness as she watched cocksucking porn with big dominant dicks and submissive sissies. she even shopped for hours finding the panties the porn sissies wore. With my blessings, she was allowed to post on Fetlife for a Master to play with. I brought her to dungeon parties in North Hollywood to make connections and ordered her to wait on her knees in a little narrow room called “blow job alley”. Sometimes she had a busy night, even one night a bukkake shower. I had her training with an inflatable butt plug to make ready for Master.
Master & Sissy Slave Audio: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164
Her hopes were to meet a dominant with muscles and a big cock of any color. Finally her wish came true. the Dom of her dreams answered her listing. This could mean she would either be passed back and forth from Mistress to Master. She may have to choose. Mistress brought her to the dungeon to meet her soon to be Dom. She waited patiently on her knees in blow job alley until he finally arrived. He was dressed in tight leather pants and a fishnet tank top.

He was tall with big strong hands and he unzipped his displaying his big thick white cock. This was sissy’s audition. The hours of strap on training worked out perfectly. Dom John was granted permission from me to take sissy on weekends. Dom John was friends with a big black Master who was hot to have three ways with little sissy suzy. Sissy suzy was delighted beyond all expectations. Eventually sissy suzy was to be permanent with her two Doms……..

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Playing Charades With Tiny Cock

Tiny cock is a generic name for a boy I talked to today who inspired this blog post.  A novel way to play CFNM? How about Charades. Guess what is written on tiny cock’s piece of paper he will attempt to perform? Try “I have a small penis and I need to be humiliated about it”.  It would not be hard to communicate this at all using the “inch worm” hand gesture pointing to his crotch. Dropping to his knees in a humiliating pose while staring at the floor in a submissive way.

Playing Charades With Tiny Cock

The Small Penis Humiliation Topic

What’s with all the small penis humiliation posts lately? It’s because there seems to be a lot of them. Small penises that is. They are becoming more and more common, and I believe it’s diet and plastic bottles. At any rate, because you ask for it, because you are many.

An Unlucky Task For Tiny Cock

Such an unlucky piece of paper, and written by yours truly, was just desserts for a rude boy. He must be punished for staring at the feet of Mistress and other parts of her body. It was disrespectful and sleazy. Mistress gathered from his little hands and feet that he may be dickless, so she took the initiative and wrote his task down.

Sissy Cocksucker Secrets

As it went, other secrets were discovered as he was ordered to strip because now it was CFNM fun. The discovery was not only the little 3 inch pecker, but the pink lace panties that covered it. A sissy was discovered. Then another secret was known after the 4th sangria, no doubt to cover up his nervous demeanor. His pecker could not hide the fact that he was turned on to men, a bi cocksucker!! A wild party was starting and Charades was finished. The secret life of an under endowed sissy cocksucker was revealed.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Small Cocks Need Love Too

Small Cocks Do Not Need Conventional Love..Humiliation Love

Small cocks need love, humiliation, and a pink ribbon. Am I alluding to sissies? Well they definitely fit in the category and they seem to love small penis humiliation. The way we show them love is through domination because having a small cock is a self . . . → Read More: Small Cocks Need Love Too

Cuckolding Femdom Style

FLR And The Cuckold Choice

Cuckolding has many variations. Today I address a relationship that started out FLR, and moved on to lots of experimentation into the world of clandestine adventure. Rarely does a couple admit to friends that cuckolding is going on. I have heard of bulls being driven into the garage to . . . → Read More: Cuckolding Femdom Style

Sissy Butt Plug Training Audio

Sissy butt plug training was by far the most fun erotic audio I have recorded to date! Well if you can call it erotic….hahaha!


Hello sissy, this is Mistress Cassandra your butt plug training coach. These days there are many butt plug selections available from so many kink stores. It’s . . . → Read More: Sissy Butt Plug Training Audio

Cock Management & Denial Bottle Audio

Cock management needs a strong lubricant, I prefer coconut oil for cooking and cock stroking put in a bottle labeled “The Denial Bottle” Listen to this erotic audio stroke pets and sissies:


The bottle of lubricant is rightfully named “The Denial Bottle” . Boys on orgasm denial programs, cock control, and . . . → Read More: Cock Management & Denial Bottle Audio

Sissys New Profession Erotic Audio

Erotic audio recorded and provided by me. Be careful what you wish for sissy. One day you will meet a Mistress that will hold you to it. Give a listen and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment.


Erotic Audio Bad Gurl Sissy

He said to me on . . . → Read More: Sissys New Profession Erotic Audio