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September 2018
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Sissy Prom Queen Erotic Audio

A sissy prom queen is what you aspire to be. Finally you have made it. It took a lot of hard work to reach the status. How did you get there? How did you do it? This erotic audio should give you a clue. Before you get off of your knees, make sure you don’t tear those stockings!


So you want to be a sissy prom queen? Of course you do! Let’s get started. First things first. The prom queen gown in pretty pink colors. A flower motif and some crinoline underneath make it a little full. Your corsage with miniature pink roses is given to you by Mistress...unless you have a boy who likes sissy prom queens. Why not? Stranger things have happened. Sissies lovely legs must be encased with sheer thigh high stockings attached to a pink satin corset. Shoes make the sissy gurl. Pink and white of course with a little buckle made of satin flowers. Under these of course is the perfect pedicure. She must be perfect, and to be perfect, her makeup must shine. Done by her well studied hand. This is one of her tests. She must apply her makeup like a pro.

Sissy Prom Queen Erotic Audio: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Does she know how to dance? Is her hair groomed perfectly so that crown will look fantastic on top of her head? Yes! we will make sure it does. Now that the details are set, she is ready to step out and confidently know that she will be a queen. Her walk, her talk. What else will she need? Lessons in dildo sucking of course! She must know how to suck cock……listen to the rest

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Milking Time For A Sissy Fag In Chastity

It’s Milking Time

Yes it’s about that time. It’s been 237 days after all, so milking is in order. I ordered La Fag to purchase a most elegant milking device: the Njoy Pure G Spot metal wand. La fag has tried the Aneros in the past and it did not quite do the trick but the new Helix was pretty hard to resist. After we have had the milking session, a review of both milking devices will be  posted on my review site

Milking Time For A Sissy Fag In Chastity: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Thus Spake LaFag

In La fag’s own words: “After 237 days of chastity, locked in the “abstinence” chastity device, Mistress has decided that it is time for a milking to keep the slut’s body in good shape but at the same time deny any form of orgasm. A device was ordered at Her command. Generically it is called the Njoy Pure G Spot metal wand.

This is an impressive device. It is extremely heavy, which makes it difficult to finesse, but I am hoping that the dicktator will give me the guidance.

I was uncertain about the Njoy as it seemed designed more for a woman’s anatomy than a sissy’s. The slut decided to have a back-up device so I ordered an Aneros, a popular and well-known device for massaging the prostate. I have had one of these in the past and didn’t have a lot of success with it I remember hours spent probing and pushing without any success. I guess I just wasn’t experienced. this version is a development from the old, gone is the plain white device and in its place is a sleek, sexy black and red version, I just hope that it does the job well.”

Milking Time For A Sissy Fag In Chastity: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Humiliation Is Center Stage

I’m looking forward to a milking session next week sometime though mostly thought of as unnecessary. Men, in this case an X man, have nocturnal wet dreams. The whole point of milking and chastity training is mostly about control and in many cases, humiliation. Watching a session like this is humiliating to a chastity slave . Stay tuned…

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Chastity Lite Part 3 Erotic Audio

Chastity lite is the next step after your tease and denial period has ended. You have developed enough skill to understand denial and sexual frustration because you chose the path of chastity training for Mistress. Listen to part 3.


This recording focuses on “Chastity Lite” for the apprehensive beginner, the weekend warrior, the married with limited privacy, or the let’s give it a test drive curious seeker.

Chastity Lite Part 3 Erotic Audio: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

It will require a cage with numbered locks. after the initial tease and denial training, tease and please, and plenty of chastity lectures from Mistress, you are ready. Like anything else, the cage will take getting used to. Start out with a beginner’s cage like a CB6000, economical and comfortable enough. Take time to practice locking and unlocking. Boys by nature are mechanical. Do it right! Right means no chafing and comfort.

Chastity Lite Part 3 Erotic Audio: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Initial lockup call will be witnessed by me on Skype. Don’t let the plastic locks fool you. They are quite sturdy and tamper proof. If you tamper, you hamper. Be sincere. There is an agreement of time, there are daily check ins and a daily picture check. Usually the program will be 24 hours to one week. The goal is orgasm denial in the cage for the agreed upon time.

Some married boys sleep with their cages on, but most lock up at work leaving the chastity cage  for the next day. Married boys will always be expected to be caged while on a business trip…….listen to the audio above.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


SPH You Know What It Means!

SPH Is Fun To Write About

SPH is yes! Small penis humiliation. So many posts I have written of this but not lately. I was rolling on the floor laughing with my last call. Imagining his cock was a pimple, and squeezing it caused a little eruption of cum. Of course I would never touch that little tiny little pimple. I also have posted on humiliation boot camp today, reveling in today’s humiliation topic. The week started with cuckold small cocks, personal trainers, the camel toe of the hot wife, and “advanced”squats.

The Dickless Cuckold Speaks

SPH You Know What It Means! Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164
“The trainer tells her she is now ready for advanced squat workout.

He tells her to remove her yoga pants and do squats with her silver thong on as he spots her by holding her hips.

He invites me (little donnie dickless) one day to witness her workouts..

I come in to our workout room to see my wife squatting up and down over his 10” very thick pole. She grunts each time she lowers as her pussy makes loud wet queefs. After she is sufficiently stretched out and loosened, he orders her to lie on the small bench face-down in the room for her post workout “massage”. He tells me she needs an internal massage as he fastens a strap over her tiny waist to the bench.”

This form of cuckolding puts the hot wife in a submissive position which is not a liking of mine but it was creatively written for one with such a little dick that I had to give it a test drive here. He imagines her in a submissive position but the fact is she loves being plowed by this stud. To each his own they say”.

The Redundant Small Cock

Often enough there is the boy who repeats over and over a mantra about his dicklessness and how he wears sissy panties because he is a little bi cocksucker. After that the mantra enters boasting then of a whole 3 inches, and proud of it. Good! I believe in empowerment. Let the small cocks enjoy humiliation!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Sissy’s Pink Chastity Cage Erotic Audio

What a surprise! A pink chastity cage in my toy bag. Not too happy about it are you sissy? This is what you get for sneaking around and being a very bad gurl!


Hi sissy! It’s me again. Mistress Cassandra holding this cute little pink cage which will replace your little pink ribbon and the pink thimble too! That little thimble that I keep threatening to stuff your little dickie in. Oh don’t worry. I know it could hurt and you may get upset…..we certainly do not want sissy upset now do we?

Sissy's Pink Chastity Cage Erotic Audio: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Now I want to show you what this cage will do. It will keep your little dick chaste. The key to the lock will got on a shiny silver chain around my neck for safekeeping you know?. Why am I subjecting you to the chastity cage? Well you must know that you have to cover your tracks. Sissy cummies dried up in Mistresses panties is a no no and will not do! You have your own……………………..

Listen to the audio:  SISSY’S PINK CHASTITY CAGE

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


The Old New Cocklock Blog

The Old Cocklock Blog Comes Alive

The Chastity Mistress old new cocklock blog is being resurrected. This was Ms Meredith and my blog started several years ago. She has since left the company and I decided to make it solo. She started adding chastity device reviews as I will be doing along with chastity . . . → Read More: The Old New Cocklock Blog

Transgender Advisor Skype Sessions

Seeing You Girlie

Transgender advising is one of my most loved session choices. Yesterday I had the pleasure of advising a precious gurl whom I have been coaching sessions ago. Soon she will be a woman who underwent reassignment surgery. I love seeing transformations and passable trans gurls right on my screen discussing makeup . . . → Read More: Transgender Advisor Skype Sessions

The Good Chastity Boy Part Two Audio

This is part two  of the good chastity boy. Tease and denial, a chastity boy’s first step. Listen and learn:


Jumping in with both feet may or may not work, but working up to the cage certainly will. Connecting to a Mistress  that is geared to Femdom and . . . → Read More: The Good Chastity Boy Part Two Audio

In The Closet Sissy Audio


In the closet and somewhere to go! Finally. Give a listen to my new erotic audio geared for the scaredy cat sissy who will soon be out!

So, in the closet sissy…we have to make you an out of the closet gurl. I can definitely help you with that! . . . → Read More: In The Closet Sissy Audio

LaFag’s Sissy Shopping In London

Sissy Shopping For FFB

Sissy shopping is by far my fave assignment for all sissy gurls. LaFag (aka fuckie fag boi) had some great finds to bring home . A bra fitting was in order too. I would show the pretty pink card which was proof but the sales associate put LaFag’s boy name . . . → Read More: LaFag’s Sissy Shopping In London