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April 2017
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Two Chastity Slaves Perform

My Worthy Fucktard

2 Mistress Humiliation Session For Bildo

No that’s not bildo, but he did wear a dunce cap for Ms Hunter and me today. Today bildo surprised us with a bright pink mile high dunce cap. We almost forgave him for being such a needy, whiney, and flakey little beotch, but we did put him through the humiliation and pain ringers with wooden clothespins, plastic clothespins, a butt plug, and a bath brush for spanking. From now on, I prescribe a bath brush with the long handle. It is easier to maneuver for a self inflicted spanking. Bildo of course is in chastity going on 19 days now. This did not stop us from administering a bit of CBT on the balls with the wooden clothespins. The view from the back of his red bum after the spanking was superb. Two red blushing cheeks! With all of his whining, I think I may have to send him over to joeanne for mentoring in the comments section.

Cock Edging Stamina

Speaking of joeanne, the other night she passed with flying colors, doing 8 juicy cock edges in 40 min after being free range for 3 days wearing panties to make it all the more frustrating. Picture sent afterwords of her all locked in her new metal cage, and white lacy thigh highs, panties of course. The silicon cage is for comfort with biking an at work. Now we start a new round adding more days to chastity training, more tease and denial and eventually a respite from orgasm denial…for just a little bit!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Pretty Little Cages

New Cages

Joeanne has new cages and likes them much better than the cb 6000. Tonight we have a stroke and tease session, learning the fine art of edging without orgasm. Three days of free range did not result in super horny chicken without a head behavior. Joeanne is well disciplined and is the exemplary submissive male.

Time For A Tease

Just because joeanne is all of this does not mean she gets to cum. The past few days she has been trying on these cages for comfort. Happiness is a good fitting chastity cage.

Stroke For Us

Maybe you heard that Masturbation May is coming soon. Check it out, and I hope you join me in this contest. I may even let you come out of chastity …;) …I said come not cum, or maybe you will.

Medical Fun

Ah yes the medical fetish post. Being tied down with medical restraints created a bit of attention. To extract a sperm sample with lubricated rubber gloves in a specimen jar is always hot. Spanking the balls to produce more cum is not really a reliable method, but a little CBT can be exciting. Also, I love using clinical terms and language wearing a crisp white doctor’s coat with Femdom clothing underneath. Just the snap of those rubber gloves with the haughty dominant looks gets me very excited.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

10 Days Chaste And Counting

A Good Chastity Boy

Joeanne is proving to be a fantastic chastity slave. Two serious cages ordered and on the way from Bon4, ten days in the cb cage so far, and sissy fulfillment clothes delivered yesterday. One item being a panty girdle, which I was asked how does one pee in a panty girdle? How would I know, I have never worn a panty girdle.

Every Good Boy Deserves Edging

On Monday, joeanne has a big test as I am going to free range her until Wednesday. she is not allowed to stroke, only repeat affirmations and wear frustrating sissy panties. On Wednesday she gets an edging session and after that, she is back in the chastity cage. Hopefully the cages will have arrived. Breaking a newbie in this way has proven to be most successful.

Hang In There Bildo

Bildo went through a rough patch and is hanging in there for Ms Hunter and me. Of course he whined and cried, begging vehemently…I wonder if his college major was drama and he was chosen for all the fag roles? Hahaha…hang in there bildo, you will do it for us. perhaps joeanne will provide strength for you?

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde is upon us. Do you believe in that? When mercury is retrograde things on earth go haywire. I always say no..this does not affect us and it will not affect me. So far I was burning discs for a friend and the cd burner stopped working. My juicer broke and I ordered a new one from Walmart in which I could not sign into my account. I ran into checkout people at the store having tons of problems with their registers. This blog crashed last week, a dvd arrived from Netflix in pieces, and joeanne’s cages were lost in the mail, new ones out for 3 day delivery. Hmmmm…..

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Dr. Cassandra Is In

Meet Dr. Cassandra

The medical fetish, yes I love these, and I had a boy last night who loves these too. I am a special doctor who worked her way through medical school by working in a BDSM dungeon. It’s no surprise to Mistress when a new patient comes in wearing lingerie needing a prostate exam and a semen sample. The surprise is how Mistress accepts it as just another day in the clinic.

The Medical Room

In all dungeons, there is a well lit medical room with stirrups, exam table, rubber gloves, speculums, and in my doctor’s kit are all kinds of gadgets including tens units, condoms, and wartenberg type tools. Mistress, however, likes to use her speculum to examine sissies while they are strapped down to the table in medical restraint bondage. Of course a semen sample is in order, and since Dr. Cassandra only needs a little bit, the rest of the cum will be eaten by sissy.

Sissy Gets An Examination

Often the examination may require sissy to provide an erection to check her “reflexes”. In this case Mistress opens her doctor’s coat to reveal tight black leather, and will order the panty boi to assist her in putting on her stiletto heeled boots. At this point , CBT may be used or strict edging and cock control to produce the largest specimen and the hardest erection all in the name of science. The muscle twitching and reactions to orgasm are all clinically noted. Just another day at the clinic!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Losing Control In Chastity

Bildo Literally Blew It

After two weeks of chastity training success, bildo blew it in the shower this weekend. Part of an email sent this morning to Ms Hunter and me: “I put the cum in a bourbon sipping glass that had a little water in it with the intent to at least eat it; but I didn’t have the gumption to go through with that either. I think it was that I had been longing so long to eat my cum for you and here I was messing it all up.”

Deserving Of A Dunce Cap

Needless to say, bildo needs more humiliation and much more training in discipline. If there is ever a chastity bootcamp, bildo would be ordered to go for months. Today marks the beginning of a new chastity program for bildo. Do not fail us again!!It looks like prostate milking for you, bildo. I imagine you will be a success this time, but humiliation is something you love. There will be no quarter. One thing I do respect though, is bildo stepped up to the plate and told the truth of his blunder. Even still, prepare that pink dunce cap and write loser on it for our call tonight!

Joeanna’s Chastity Affirmations

I am adding more and more time to “joeanna’s” lite program. Today we see if the chastity cage works with his work pants. As promised, here are joeanna’s affirmations:

1) Living in chastity is what I needed all along
2) I serve Mistress Cassandra in chastity
3) Mistress Cassandra owns my cock
4) My cock is controlled from now on
5) I do not cum without permission
6) I eat my cum when allowed to cum
7) Chastity makes me a better submissive male

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Fledgeling Cock Control Pet

New Boy Kink

Ah yes. I love to train the cock control newbies. They show much promise with slow newbie steps, and that is the only way to train them. Sometimes if too hasty and strict, they freak out, disappear, and lose their nerve. I just want to say to newbies is you . . . → Read More: The Fledgeling Cock Control Pet

Free 10 Min Promo Coming Soon


The Sullen Caged Boy

Ms Hunter and I are having a great time training bumbling bildo in humiliation and chastity. I must say I have never seen anyone so gloomy in the chastity cage, but I believe it is sheer drama. He knows his . . . → Read More: Free 10 Min Promo Coming Soon

Attitude Adjustment For Bumbling Bildo

On His Knees Begging For A Phone Session

Bildo begged for a call today with Ms Hunter and me, so we indulged the hapless little in chastity loser with just that. I wrote about him last week on our other blog as you recall. Today he called to touch bases and to inform . . . → Read More: Attitude Adjustment For Bumbling Bildo

The Cock Custodian


Your Cock Custodian

Last month was my 10 year anniversary controlling cocks here at LDW. It may be longer, I have to look into the archives, but I was a 20 something budding Domme, destined to be a chastity mistress and masturbation manager.

Training A Submissive

My interest . . . → Read More: The Cock Custodian

Ball Busting While In Chastity Training

Ball Busting With Chastity

An inquiry on a remote topic. I will post the answer here. Would it be o.k. if we could spice up chastity training with some CBT and ball busting? My answer is it would have to be very controlled and gentle for the simple fact that that ring to . . . → Read More: Ball Busting While In Chastity Training