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February 2017
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The Chastity Key Cookie Jar Audio

Leave it to fuckie fag boi to send me a picture of another brilliant idea. A cookie jar for the large set.


Would you like some cookies with you chastity key? An interesting discovery by slave fuckie. The cookie jar for the food addict , set on a timer to open sometime in the future. Nothing fancy, just a plain heavy acrylic cookie jar with a digital lock on top. No cheating. That’s where his chastity key goes for a given amount of time, maybe two weeks, maybe two years, maybe forever. I suppose one could take a sledge hammer to it, but Mistress would know. The jar would be cammed 24/7 or at least a photo would be demanded randomly.

It’s better than the other option of taking epoxy glue and filling the keyhole. Then again a cage can always be sawed off by a locksmith unless a piercing is involved.

So here she is again, back in the chastity cage, surfing the web for she males, sissies, and crossdressers, and still planning the trip to sin city Amsterdam. Another photo was sent of a she male cannot be posted. I have never seen such a feminine boi, except for the tiny one inch dick. No one would know, and this is who fuckie aspires to be.

Off on another adventure, we are again. This time her bi-cocksucker assignment will come to fruition. She will suck cock and eat cum for me one of these days, and the day is very soon!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Call Me On Mistress Day

Sorry for the late notice. Mistress Day details here.

Play With Me Tomorrow

I will be on tomorrow taking your phone fantasy call if you are so inclined. My two new chastity boys will be hanging out with me for some fun and lockup, lockdown, taking my cocks out for a little stroke exercise.

Cocks must keep up the endurance after all. A cock is not a muscle but a cock acts like one when flexed, stroked, teased, denied, and put in it’s chastity cage.

Chastity Training

Speaking of chastity boys in training, Boy #1 prefers to stay completely anonymous. In this case he does not get a name. His mature metal has arrived and tomorrow it will be ceremoniously applied to that dick, and locked. Of course he has tried it on and the fit is perfect. I love when that happens.

Locked For One Month

Boy #2 is named “caged charlie” who just did his trial run and now ready for a one month lock down. After that he takes off to Europe for business, and back caged one week later. I remember when I had fuckie fag boi traveling caged. You can do that with a cb-6000. He even had a metal lock going through the Dubai airport security and customs.

Hope to chat with you tomorrow. Are you up for a little tease and denial? An orgasm marathon perhaps? Sure you are!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Cuckold Endurance Audio

As they say every relationship is different. The new cuckold would have to endure a grueling bootcamp I would say:


learning to love sucking cock for a cuckold should be easy. Simply, he will do anything Mistress says. Mistress will break cucky in, in a very strategic way. She will begin with a firm banana dipped in chocolate, honey, sugar, whatever cucky likes. What is being trained here is the tactile sensuality of the sweet fruit mimicking cocksucking. Of course in the end, he will end up with a very hard and demanding cock, fucking his face with rough and painful thrusts.

It’s o.k., it’s for Mistress! Mistress then breaks him further with her strap on dildos. he enjoys the tenderness she puts into it, and likes sucking the large head with her instruction. Eventually he earns the badge of a deep throat artist, and becomes a very proud cuckold husband.

Part of  the training is sleeping on the floor next tot he bed preparing him further for his cuckold fate, by his hot wife and Mistress. Eventually he will no longer be allowed to sleep with her. This is the bull’s place.

Now that he is a proficient cocksucker, he must then endure the humiliation of sissy training. A wardrobe of panties must be on hand, eventually a full girlie outfit, voice lessons, walking in heels, and butt plug training.

Sissified, trained to suck cock, cuckolded, and humiliated. He only started out as a houseboy slave to his hot wife. Now look at him!!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


The Tramp Stamp Audio

I figured it out. Here ya go! Word for word. Doing erotic audios is fun and addicting.


So finally it came time for the cuckoldress to prepare for her honeymoon with the biggest and best of bulls, Leroy! Leroys’s cock measures twelve inches and as thick as the cuckoldress hand. The cuckold, a whimpy little male measures only two and a quarter inches and as thin as a pinky finger. Being on his knees to fluff the bull is his place of honor wearing tacky pink lingerie and a stiffie with a rubber band for a cock ring. This so humiliates the cuckold’s small penis.

A kinky wedding was performed for bull and cuckoldress. Bull had a specific gift in mind. A tramp stamp on hot wife‘s back: a black banner, a black rose, a black ace of spades, and the words “Leroy Forever”. Since the dickless one was footing the bill for everything, it must be a gala event. He rented an elegant parlor. Much like a greeting room in a Victorian whore house with a chaise lounge where the hot wife will lie down for a tat before the honeymoon, wearing her signature labia ring made from her former wedding ring. Her signature silver thong displaying a full ass and her large exaggerated breast implants sporting two platinum nipple rings.

The bull will be standing next to the tattoo artist as she works and the dickless one will be on his knees giving the honeymoon gift of a fluffer blowjob to bull. Tastefully done, I may add, behind a waist high Japanese screen.

Happy Honeymoon!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Cuckold Honeymoon

Audios On Hiatus

Sorry to report, erotic audios are put on hold for a little while. With the upgrade of my machine, the audio program is not compatible for the company posting requirements. I’ll be working on it. However that will not stop me from blogging about my favorite things like cuckolding. I think maybe putting audio recording on hold is a good idea to keep things fresh. I have not been getting the comments I have gotten before perhaps due to boys who expect weekly postings? If you like my erotic audios then so state, otherwise why would I put in the effort.

A Tramp Stamped Cuckoldress

I was working on a sexy script about a tramp stamped cuckoldress by order of the bull.  The tramp stamp has a black ribbon banner, 3 black roses, an ace of spades, and the words on the banner” Leroy Forever”. Since I don’t want to spoil the effects until I get the audio done, let’s just say the tat is done in a Victorian style brothel by a sexy fetishy tat artist on a chaise lounge while the hot wife is clad only in a silver thong. The poor little cuckold is on his knees dressed in lingerie giving the bull a superb fluffing.

Your Tramp Stamp Dreams

Now your idea of the perfect tramp stamp be it sissy, cuckold, loser, sph , submissive male. Have you thought about it. Yes you have. I know because I have been told that many of you do. Confess!

Mistress Cassandra  1-800-730-7164




Pimple Penis Thimble Stuffing

Oh how cute it is. Surely we will find a use for it. A little audio for the under endowed! Give a listen if you are a sissy with a little dick…or if you are a wannabe sissy with a little dick too. Poor little loser 🙂



Stuffing . . . → Read More: Pimple Penis Thimble Stuffing

Metal Cages Coming Soon

Jail Birds For Two

The two boys mentioned previously have both ordered “The Jail Bird”. It seems to be a very popular chastity device and has my stamp of approval. They are both on strict cock control right now until the cages come, and we know that Mature Metal custom makes them, so . . . → Read More: Metal Cages Coming Soon

The New Cuckold Audio

I had a brilliant call today with a new cuckold and first time cocksucker…soon to come. He has only had the cream pie. His interest in fluff and blowjob was definitely out in the open. Give a listen if you like cuckold cum eating. THE NEW CUCKOLD

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Two If By Chastity

More Popular Than Ever

No it has nothing to do with the book or movie. Just sayin’ two more boys have entered the role, always a good new years resolution, to curb excessive masturbatory habits. Chastity training never seems to lose it’s popularity because masturbation is a habit that becomes obsessive in the . . . → Read More: Two If By Chastity

Masturbation: Plain And Simple

Cumming Into The New Year

Welcome to 2017. My short vacation from blogging was filled with masturbation management research of course, oh yes, sissy training as well. We cannot forget our little sissies now can we?

Variety Is The Spice

So my little research also include experimentation with my submissive boy who hangs . . . → Read More: Masturbation: Plain And Simple