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July 2016
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Tease To Please

It's time to polish my shoes boy, crawl with tongue ready!

Cockteasing At It’s Best

I do enjoy doing phone sex calls where a boy is teased for a generous amount of time, all culminating in a massive orgasm. I’m not only about chastity training. Monotony is taken care of with a big tease and please here and there, given as a reward, or gift.This is most effective if given in surprise, like a wrapped present. In this case, the wrapped present is a cock locked in chastity, unwrapped and uncaged. Always I like to examine the health of my cock with a magnifying glass for a special effect.

Hot Body Worship

Tease to please may even include a little slow and sexy strip tease to make boy drool in anticipation of maybe I will sit on his cock, perform slow and sensual body worship, my hand on his cock, even the tip of my tongue giving one little lick.

You Are Still My Submissive

Are you up for a phone sex fantasy like this? It’s a very relaxing and sexy call for me to do. Get one thing straight though: you are still my submissive male, and I create the role. You imagine being given a gift from an assertive Femdom.

About Commenting Here

So, I want to address briefly about sleazy comments from unknown posters. You will, and have been put in spam which means you will always be put in spam from there on out. I do not read the spam. Approved boys are respectful and fun, and are regular callers. Even if you get through someway, I still have to approve you which I will not. So, find something positive to do with your time please.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164






Sissy Switching Audio


What if? The chances of two submissive sissies making it work? I have a solution.


Should two sissies decide to pair up in a domestic partnership? Which will be the dominant one? erhaps the dynamic is equal where both are swishy little panty waists. There is a problem there. Who will lead and who will follow?

My advice is sissy roleplaying to make for an interesting dynamic. One will be the gurl and one will be the boi. The gurl will be enfemme during the whole roleplay, she will be super submissive and open to whatever has been negotiated be it bondage with lots of anal fucking and sissy cocksuckng. Brought out to a play club collared and leashed, loaned out to a real man for the master touch, or involving a mistress for double duty strap on play.

After a week has ended , it would be time to switch the dynamic and creatively work to make the relationship a success. I’m thinking there may be a problem with dominance and submission. If there is indeed a problem with dominance and submission, then definitely  a master or mistress will be the mediator and the trainer.

It is highly unlikely that both sissies will be exactly alike thought they would like to think that they are. It is likely that both sissies will be indecisive little submissives that they are.

A master or mistress is the key to coaching to success. Mostly, a sissy will never be dominant, though often they boast they can be. It simply is not true!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164




A Small Cock Rightfully Named



Cute Little Cock

I had a nice small penis humiliation phone boy today, intrigued with being viewed on cam by Ms Violet and me in the next few weeks. I burst out laughing when he told me that his handle is “wild bill smallcock”, and he is from Montana. I viewed him on cam and indeed! A big old cowboy with big hands, big feet, 6’4″ , two inch dick HARD! A humble boy, polite, has cattle and horses, told me of his horse training capabilities before he told me about how he also loves to ride his dildo while he wears his special sissy thong bikini panties. They are special because they have cowgirls on them, as well as horses.

Cowboy Cam

So here we have a cowboy, interested on giving Violet and me a cocksucker cam show, a sissy stripper cam show, and who also expressed to be locked in chastity for two Mistresses! Now is he not a dream come true? It would figure a male with a two inch dick would understand the complexities and the sentience of the horse. A male with a super cock would be a super predator in theory. It only stands to reason that a horse would find no threat in a beta male with a small two inch cock. I would imagine that a horse would walk all over him, but it’s not the case. They enjoy his sensitivity and he knows how to train impeccably. He has even broken a few BLM wild mustangs.

Welcome aboard “wild bill smallcock”. Begin by commenting to our blogs, even though you dislike technology.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Ms Violet and I team up at her house to watch you and talk to you on cam while we laugh, enjoy, even ignore you if you so desire!

A Happy Sissy Gets A Pedicure

Proctor Beta 2

Proctor Beta 2

Pedicure Assignment For Sissy

So she says to me: Mistress, I had a wonderful experience yesterday. i went to the salon for my monthly pedicure, and i was chatting to the cute girl who was cutting my toenails. i said to her ” would you please make sure that you don’t leave any sharp corners, because they tear my nylons!” she gave me such a lot, it was priceless. then she looked at my toes and asked me if i wanted the small hairs on them waxed. i said yes, of course”

Assignment Make The Sissy Purr

Having a sissy gurl do assignments like this, and reporting them makes me very happy. Of course fuckie fag boi is getting in shape for her little jaunt to sin city Amsterdam for the assignment of her life, to finally suck cock for mistress.

Sissy Self Esteem

Sissy pedicures are very important for reasons of grooming and sissy self-esteem. Having bright pinks create a nice feeling of well-being. The feet are scrubbed and lotioned, the nails painted professionally, and in fuckie’s case, hairs removed from her toes

34 Days For Sissy Donna

It’s day 34 for sissy donna, happily locked away in her Lori’s device, enjoying the pleasures of chastity. I know we will make it all the way to Christmas, that’s how much she loves it. Just getting a Lori’s shows how much she loves chastity training.


Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Stroker Pet Discipline Game Audio


Are you embarrassed at your performance for Mistress during guided masturbation? Do they slip out, ruin out, or simply blast out? Listen to this audio and think of the possibilities:


Boys love toys, boys love stroking games. Here is what you need: lube, clothes pins, 3 rubber bands, a shoelace, a prostate milker, and a dick.

This game is designed for boys with no discipline who request to learn to hold that orgasm after hard edges, for them and their Mistress. of course with any game geared to orgasm denial, the more creative things added, the better.

We begin with a very hard and lubbed dick as we carefully insert the prostate massager, the shoelace is then tied in back of the balls and around the top of the dick at the base. Three rubber bands are added to the cock just under the head.

Now, let the stroking and edging begin free form with very close edges, just enough to make the next edge uncontrollable. At this point, a small break is in order. the stroke counting now begins.

Stroker is allowed one stroke, the rubber bands are snapped once, One kegel is allowed.

Next, stroker is allowed two strokes, the bands are snapped 2 times, 2 kegels allowed

Lube is added as needed as the count continues up to as many as Mistress decides. at the point of 10 edges, Mistress orders 3 clothespins on each ball for a little CBT to break up the repetitions. 11 strokes, 11 kegels, 11 snaps of the rubber bands.

Once boy makes it to 20 edges his balls will begin to ache, but his edges become more focused. He is occupied with the other tasks at hand.

Mistress add 6 more in the series of strokes totalling 26. This time, one clothespin is removed for each edge. Finally, after the 26th edge, Mistress decides if boy cums , ruins the orgasm, or stays in total orgasm denial.…hmmmm

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Blue Balls Has A Whole New Meaning

Where Is Your Place In The Neighborhood?

What is this you ask? A nice little map of the red light district, and blue light district in Amsterdam. Fuckie fag boi’s destination for her next assignment. The blue boxes are the she male quarters where fuckie will be. So she sent a whole itinerary on her little . . . → Read More: Blue Balls Has A Whole New Meaning

Cute Lil Panty Waist Audio

Here ya go, your weekly audio, geared to little sissy cocksuckers with the demure girl next door flair, but not the way I’m training in this audio!


They say cute things come in small packages, same for a little sissy, and mostly, little sissies have little packages….tiny tiny cocks!

. . . → Read More: Cute Lil Panty Waist Audio

Big Dick Little Dick Erotic Audio

It’s erotic audio time. Now this should interest a boy’s curiosity on what dick size a Mistress prefers.


A big cock is not always the best cock, not for a Mistress anyways, unless he is born submissive. They are around but they are not the rule. The big dicked . . . → Read More: Big Dick Little Dick Erotic Audio

2 Mistress Calls For Boys With Balls

Proctor Beta 2

So yes. A few chastity emails came in about fun with the proctor. The geek has gone away but if you leave an email on the playground site, perhaps he will respond. But don’t hold your little dick…..

Thursday Humiliation

Ah the main topic. Two Mistresses. I’m in a witty . . . → Read More: 2 Mistress Calls For Boys With Balls

Two Mistress Calls For You


Book An Appointment

By appointment only. I will need to put on my shoes and walk a big three minutes to Ms Violet’s house just down the street from me. There, we will be hanging out having some tea or wine, indulging your fantasies and ours. You will . . . → Read More: Two Mistress Calls For You