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October 2017
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Cocksucking Adventures For All

Cocksucking Adventures Begins With The First Step

Cocksucking adventures are not only for sissies, there are plenty of boys who are faggy in the closet, and seeing or calling a Mistress for a phone fantasy session is on their list. So let’s get down to it. How bad do you want it is my first question.  Are you willing to get dirty and nasty collecting all sizes of dildos to practice with before the very first outing? From sissy to alpha male, there is something for everyone.

Cocksucking Adventures For All: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Learn To Eat Cum

Cum eating is phase two of cocksucking adventures, so get used to the sour taste with your own cum. Try some watered down plain yogurt to warm up to the taste of cum. Now is a good time to get acquainted with cocksucking porn. Because there is so much cocksucking porn, and lessons to go with it, you should have no problem learning the tricks and techniques. I won’t even mention the hackneyed glory hole speil, but giving it a little mention, it’s really the way to go to get your feet wet in a safe way. Safety first! No dark alleys, no picking up guys on the street, and no scary adds.

Viewing A Cocksucker On Skype

One way to make bi cocksucking good is to arrange a date while Mistress is on so she can view the whole session on Skype. If all goes well, a standing weekly appointment would give you the practice necessary for more cocksucking adventures. This is an unfolding of your brave new life, and I believe the Skype session will make you feel most secure. There you have Mistress watchful and demanding. Does this tease your palate? The dick of choice is yours from big black dick to average Joes.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Phone Domination For Sissy Bois

I Love Phone Domination

Phone domination rules above just plain ole phone sex. Don’t get me wrong, phone sex is a great stress remover in any way shape or form but domination phone sex is where I like it. The point of this post is based on a call from sissy ashley last night and her need to be dressed and paired off with another sissy who is a fag like her.
Phone Domination For Sissy Bois by Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Inside The Sissy Mind

Most sissies are a grab bag of multi things and fun play fantasies. She did confess her ultimate thing is to be with another sissy while a Mistress directs the action, which needs no direction because a slut is a slut and they do what is expected. Sissy ashley showed up with a cock cage and butt plug. Interesting reactions when she sat on the plug and dramatically reacted.

Sissy Wedgies

At this point she was told that her sissy partner will pull her down to the floor and give her pink bikini panties a wedgie and begin to sexually dominate her. Holding sissy ashley’s panties in the wedgie position, she brings her down in a semi rough way to mount the slut from behind. Since this is a level of excitement that cannot be contained, I believe she came in that cage even though she said she did not.

Dirty Dancing Sissies

The image of two sissies dancing together very close , with Mistress demanding the final outcome of hard sissy sex makes one wonder of the enjoyment felt by all. Mistress demands, dock the cocks and show me how sincere  the both of you are. I want to see you dance because I say so, give me a show.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164




Stroking With Ice Is Nice

Stroking With A Bag O’ Cubes

Stroking with ice helps boys who lose control. It works like a charm, as it did this morning with a boy who often loses it in mid stroke. I suggest a baggie full of ice cubes, a cold pack that easily wraps around dick. The cold pack is useless on a long call, a bag of ice is much better. No dry ice, you already know that.

Stroking With Ice Is Nice Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Stroke And Cum

This morning’s masturbation management event did end up with orgasm granted. It does happen now and again. This boy is best managed with cumming every other call, otherwise I get pestered with tons of groveling emails which I mostly ignore. Strokeage today began with a cord tying the balls tight, three rubber bands under the head which gets snapped when he is losing control, a ruler for a little impact play, clothespins for the balls, lube, and of course ice. A small rug was ordered for kneeling.

Icing And Edging

With each edge, ice is applied to the head which in his words does not work and only makes him hornier. This is because he is a CBT pain slut and likes the icy agony. He would do well with chastity in a spiked cage. Cum eating is not his thing, just stroking, tease and denial, and complete orgasm denial. Nothing fancy, no fancy toys. In the end he did cum. Now he will disappear for a little bit and come back with casual emails which means he wants to call for a tease with pain session.

Wishlist Is Updated

Finally I have updated my wish list. Just about everything on it was no longer available. I have not listed lingerie because I am swimming in it, as well as high domely heels. Practical things are listed so far and my birthday is coming next month. No hint, just do 🙂

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Human Animal Humiliation Role Play

Various Human Animal Role Plays

Human animal role play is one of my most favorite Mistress activities and fantasies. My style has no abuse of course, just strict training, rote memorization, clicker training, and if you are a pony, some cropping.  Doggies get newspaper and leash training humiliation, monkeys get the captivity cage, hamsters get small penis humiliation, and there is no training of cats because cats top from the bottom and just say “fuck off”.

Human Animal Humiliation Role Play: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Rubber Dog

Several years ago, fuckie fag boi was a rubber dog chasing balls, barking, eating kibble from a bowl and drinking water from a bowl as well. He was a rubber dog in chastity, in a cage, and never allowed to cum. If he were here , he would be leashed and taken for a walk, newspaper trained, humping Mistresses leg, and sleeping in a doggy bed. This picture caused lots of attention.

Human Animal Humiliation Role Play: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Dominant Equine Trainer

The most interesting human animal is the horse because equestrian female wear is most sexy, especially the boots and crop. Saddles are available for pony play where the slave is tacked up and ready to bear the weight of Mistress. Bits are particularly humiliating, simulating a gag. Blinders keep slave’s eyes forward and focused. Reigns are pulled, spurs are constantly in use. In horse training, the horse is looking for a strong leader. Perfect Mistress role.

Submissive Horse

Old school training is applied to pony play, no Liberty training except for the signal points used to direct the horse. In this case, the points are pressed hard and strict domination training is administered, something I would never use on a real equine. Often there are pony play competitions, and every slave is expected to win. Trotter cart races are fun. As you can see, pony play and leash training for a “dog” can be a lot of fun. Care to indulge your objectification fantasy? Call your trainer.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7160

Ignore Phone Session…Six Hours

A Nice Surprise

Ignore phone session that topped the rest, even fuckie fag bois when in Rome. This was a request last weekend while Matt was in town. Perfect timing too as we just got back from grocery shopping. Matt made us a spectacular dinner of Thai chicken swimming in coconut curry and vegetables. White wine, Thai sticky rice, just magnificent. Then I get a call from the office for a request from “Mute-tation” what he calls himself.

Ignore Phone Session...Six Hours : Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Ignore Phone Session Mechanics

An ignore phone session mostly lasts 20 to 30 min for wannabes, but a real ignore fetishist will hang on till his phone dies, which was the case. I put the speakerphone on most of the time so I can tell if he is stroking his cock or cums and hangs up. If he is doing masturbation enjoyment, I will give him the whistle. Never ever talk to an ignore boy as he is an object unworthy of conversation. Words are only heard if I am talking to someone else. He may mute, but if he does, and I figure it out, the whistle.

The Loser Word

He craves humiliation badly, and wants to hear the loser word, but he gets nothing. This is his fetish, the ignore phone session boy. He is told his instructions at the beginning of the call. He will not tease and stroke his cock, he will not make any detectable sound whatsoever. One time I heard a boy actually fart…whistle!

Awwww…Not Even A Verbal Goodbye

During dinner, Matt and I discussed the next BDSM play party in Hollywood next month. This is the Halloween event. No costumes were decided yet but we have reserved the “classroom” room for a little corporal discipline play. This was discussed and I’m sure ignore boy had an earful of chastity training and the like. An hour into Matt being human furniture while we watched a movie, I heard the dial tone. Battery died or clandestine cumming…

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Fetish Tattoos For Sissies and Cuckolds

Fetish Tattoos For Fetish Boys

Fetish tattoos on a slave of any type is a tribute to his Mistress. It is on the assignment menu for most Mistresses along with dick piercings for chastity cages. Tramp stamp banners across a sissies lower back with “Property of Mistress…” is very amusing when a sissy bends . . . → Read More: Fetish Tattoos For Sissies and Cuckolds

Cocksucking For Cuckolds

Not Only For Cuckolds

Cocksucking is not only for cuckolds of course. I was inspired from the last two phone fantasy calls I just had, one with a cuckold fantasy and the other with a cocksucking fantasy. Both can eventually meet, after all. The first boy was a full on sissy that knew more . . . → Read More: Cocksucking For Cuckolds

Chastity On The Go

Chastity Anywhere

Chastity training can continue as you travel, bike ride, work out in the gym. It’s a moveable feast. Cock locking can be done for guys in a relationship by leaving the cage in the office. Lock up when you get to work, unlock before you go home. The variety of cock cages . . . → Read More: Chastity On The Go

Big Black Cock In Stock

Not All Big Black Cock Can Be Huge

Big black cock. What do you think of when these three words pop up? Cuckolding? Your preference in bi cocksucking? A sissy with a big black cock fetish? A size queen Mistress perhaps or a regular woman who digs the fudge stick. Black cock is renowned . . . → Read More: Big Black Cock In Stock

Pass The Penis With Frustrating Denial

The Pass The Penis Game

Pass the penis fun with seven Mistresses on Friday proved to be a frustrating morning for one boy who ended with me as last Mistress. Why? because he was denied orgasm of course. With all that work! But I got cue from a little birdie that he was not . . . → Read More: Pass The Penis With Frustrating Denial