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August 2016
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Two Dommes One Stroke Boy



Violet And Cassandra’s Stroke Pet

This stroke machine is happy to have two fine Mistresses with two fine asses, and having them together under the same roof is sublime. Except for Frankenstroke who can’t get his cam up and working as well as he does his little tiny dick. When he does, I will be heading down the street to view the little pecker. Personally, I think his cam works just fine. I think this stroker boy is hiding something like maybe his 2 inch dick is really about 6 or 7 inches? You know how small penis humiliation works. It’s the opposite of being prideful of the well endowed cock. A little dicker is proud of his less than average and wants it even smaller.

The Painful Edge

Ms Violet and I had quite a time listening to the pathetic little stroker moan and struggle on the edge. He does, however , have a lot of control, and has gotten so much better in keeping his cum where it belongs. I swear, it sounded like he was in so much pain. Tease and denial is a big challenge for him, or maybe not?

He Has A Small Cock Too!

This stroke pet loves to hear both of us laughing at his efforts, and his pleadings land on deaf ears. We do love it when he calls though. He makes our day and fulfills our humiliation of a small cocked man fix.

Come Visit With Us

Ms Violet and I offer 2 Mistress calls in her house while we share the phone with some wine, visiting while we play with you. Turn on your cam and enjoy knowing that 2 sexy Mistresses are viewing, scrutinizing, and enjoying whatever your phone fantasy offers.

The Strap On Audio

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

A good strap on call always gets me hot. Give a listen!


I was so inspired  by a phone fantasy call with a strap on enthusiast today. The versatility of straponism is almost endless. Let’s start with the strap on itself. All different sizes and colors, strap on harnesses in leather, synthetic, and designs to suit the most sadistic Mistress to the Mistress who wants a plain but effective device.

Of course a Mistress must have a submissive boy to use it on. He can be pantied, in a slave harness with slave collar and a leash, in full on sissy slut wear, and of course wearing a dick in her mouth as he takes the strap on on his knees. For sluts , bi-action is usually preferred.

My style of straponing is beginning the session dressed in a leather corset, leather thong bikini, tall leather stiletto boots, and of course  a big black strapon attached to a thick strap on harness in leather. Boy is started on his knees and I hold in my left hand, an English Tawse while my right hand maneuvers the dick into his lubricated pussy. Both of my hands are clad in opera length kid leather gloves. Once completely penetrated, my right hand is free to administer corporal discipline with my tawse.

I then turn slut over to take him missionary like a helpless little sissy. Then standing the boy up facing the wall with wrists roped up is easy since he is more than ready to take it from behind standing up. perhaps a spreader bar could be added. Downward dog yoga is a great way to take the big strapon.

Strapon play is widely  popular in the BDSM community and 9 times out of 10, a boy would love to have a big cock at the other end.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164



Ball Busting 101



Ball Busting For Fun

Just enough to be effective, I say. There are many ways to be a good ball buster without damaging the goods. A boy who is interested in being ball busted has a masochistic streak and can do with a little pain. Accompanied with verbal humiliation, we have the perfect match. The verbal humiliation keeps control in the session while boy is being squeezed firmly but not brutally. CBT with sexy toys such as a parachute harness or my favorite toy, “the humbler” can be added to the mix. Mostly, boys into ball busting simply like ball busting period.

The Toys

For me, in a BB session, an inversion bar set up in a doorway, has a possibility of bondage with rope. A nice trio: ball busting, verbal humiliation, and bondage. What more can a boy ask for? Imagine a boys wrists confined with rope to the bar while he is ordered to hold himself up with his feet on either side of the door frame. Mistress gives a firm but gentle uppercut to his balls while she says ” like ball busting slut?”. A skilled Mistress can take the toe of her stiletto heeled boot kicking firmly but gently.

Safe Sane And Consensual

Ball busting must be practiced on a very firm pillow or a sparring bag to learn how to pull punches effectively. No matter how hard a boy begs and pleads for devastation, we all know he would regret it in the end. Remember the BDSM motto: safe, sane, and consensual.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Humiliation And Chastity : A Luscious Pair

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Bon Voyage, Fuckie Fag Boi

I’m so excited that fuckie fag boi is booked and ready in for her very first sissy cocksucking experience, and done in a safe and kinky environment in the Blue Light District of Amsterdam. She is in chastity now for 81 days. Her shopping is done and today she sent me a pic of her little locked dicklette with sheer stockings, black mini, and white garter belt. Delicious!

Donna 46 Days, Rob 4 Days

Sissy donna has been locked for 46 days and counting. Renegade locked up rob is back in the saddle 4 days so far with no discussion of release as of yet. Last training he disappointed me miserably and has to make it up.

SPH Audio

My weekly audio has moved over to my other site blog iwillhumiliateyou if you love small penis humiliation. Small cocks need love too…hahaha, not! This audio is about little cocks with captivity slavery thrown in the mix.

The Book Store Sissy

The inspiration to audio Book Store Sissy called the other day to say thank you for the anonymity. I will never post anything about someone using their real name or sissy name unless they want me to. Mostly she called to tell me she made it home safe after her cocksucking adventure because I was a bit worried.

Off Topic

Arizona is beautiful and I have no regrets moving here. I feel sorry for my home state California with days and days of no rain. They have had some devastating fires too in the area I moved from.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164



Humiliation With Sugar On Top

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Sissy Humiliation, Most Appreciated

I do love humiliation calls, especially with sissies because they appreciate it so much. A sissy will never expect a Mistress to raise her voice during a humiliation phone session. They mostly prefer the sweet and condescending style, a subtle but very harsh humiliation delivered with a smile. Yes I do smile and laugh on calls because most humiliation calls are fun.

Small Cocks: There Are Many Of Them

The best possible combination? A sissy with a small penis. Small penis humiliation gets the most smiles and laughter. Small cockers have so many possibilities. I can go deep into cuckolding which is a call unto itself. A hapless tiny dicked boy who accepts his beta status and embraces the fetish of small penis humiliation, is always very soft spoken and humble. He has acquiesced and knows he will never be top dog, ever.

Those Not Preferred

Phone humiliation calls not enjoyed and rejected are yelling and screaming, me repeating to you over and over what a loser you are, religious degradation. Calls claiming you are a humiliating submissive when it’s obvious you are not, and anyone starting the call with “hi baby”. Creative humiliation is what I strive for, and no less. Small cocked sissy humiliation, in chastity, orgasm denial, cuckold humiliation, I could talk all day!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Book Store Sissy Audio

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday when one of my gurls called me from a little nasty book store casing out dicks. Give a listen:


Sissy in a book store is one of my favorite types of calls. I mean, IN book store where sissy calls me while dressed and ready . . . → Read More: Book Store Sissy Audio

What Is A Boot Bitch

6 Of The Best?

I’m A Different Kind Of Bitch

I certainly was not referring to me. A boot bitch is a boot licking boy, a boot polisher, a boot fetishist, a boy who uses the boot as his penis cuff, a boy who beats off on boots, and a boot worshipper.

Boot . . . → Read More: What Is A Boot Bitch

Surprise Sissy Panty Shopping Audio

Just panties Mistress? We will see. A girl doesn’t go out shopping for just one thing after all, especially in a boutique in the mall where 20 something princesses shop. Give a listen.


Shopping for panties can be fun if you have a sissy in tow, it can turn into . . . → Read More: Surprise Sissy Panty Shopping Audio

CFNM and the Submissive

CFNM For Submissive Of All Kinds

CFNM to me is the fun category of BDSM. It is a kinky performance adventure performed by a somewhat submissive slave by direction of one or more mistresses. I say “somewhat” submissive male because some males will not do anything else, so in effect they are “bottoms”. . . . → Read More: CFNM and the Submissive

Tease To Please

Cockteasing At It’s Best

I do enjoy doing phone sex calls where a boy is teased for a generous amount of time, all culminating in a massive orgasm. I’m not only about chastity training. Monotony is taken care of with a big tease and please here and there, given as a reward, or . . . → Read More: Tease To Please