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October 2017
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About Me


I’m a chastity mistress but enjoy exploring and providing all types of D/s fantasies. 

On the sensual side, I enjoy weaving fantasies of masturbation management, tease and denial, tease and please, and all things of stroking pleasure. Sissification is another passion high on my list.

I have been holding keys and cocklocking for several years now, have worked closely with creative chastity slaves who have fed My passions.

I am a lifestyle Mistress who plays real time with lifestyle people. I love electroplay, bondage, corporal discipline, sissification, and domination. I’m currently living in the Southwest and belong to several Femdom organizations.

I am well read and have BA in Fine Arts and Humanities. I love creative writing, alternative music, and D/s lifestyle. Right now I’m researching quantum entanglement and post modern philosophy. When I’m not doing sessions, I’m working on mixed media artwork and paintings.

I’m involved in energy work from reiki healing, , toltec shamanic immortality and curanderismo practices, flower of life and merkaba activation. 

I have a down to earth side as well, enjoying film and reading sci fi (lately into Robert Anton Wilson). I have a shadow side that loves horror, slasher films, and true crime tv and books. I also like Ayn Rand who shaped my ideals on independence and who gave me a healthy dose of rationalism.

My favorite writers are Mary Gaitskill, Rob Roberge, William Blake, Bret Easton Ellis, Robert Anton Wilson, William Gibson, Rudy Ruckers, The Bard, Franz Kafka, and above and beyond, Albert Camus. That’s just the tip of the universe. Metaphysical readings include Carlos Castaneda, Barbara Hand Clow, Ken Eagle Feather, and Sun Bear to mention only a few

yahoo messenger: yesmisscassandra


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