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April 2018
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A Poor Boy In Chastity

And Still A Poor Boy In Chastity

Nice panties by the way, locked slave rob! Too bad I cannot show that in chastity cock but the important thing is you need to do more time. Yesterday was 80 days and I did say maybe after all. I did have all intention of letting . . . → Read More: A Poor Boy In Chastity

Another Week Of Orgasm Denial

Spring Into Cock Control

Oh yes, you are seeing this banner a lot lately aren’t you? That’s because it seems chastity training, tease and denial, and cum eaters tend to be seasonal. Sissies are a bit different as they are year around. They just love getting pretty for spring especially, and if they . . . → Read More: Another Week Of Orgasm Denial

A Yule Gift Of Orgasm Denial

Submissive Parroting

For a full ten minutes, he kept saying: ” I am a slave for Mistress Cassandra. I am here to worship and adore”. I was making a carrot cake in the meantime, adding ingredients, making noise with the utensils, turning on the beater, and laughing into the phone. He was ordered . . . → Read More: A Yule Gift Of Orgasm Denial

July 4th Orgasm Blast

Did You Cum?

Look to your right and tell me you ended your 34 day orgasm denial with a hefty blast. All except pool boy of course who is happily on the 200 days in chastity program. All except fuckie fag boi who decided to enter a new orgasm denial program until she . . . → Read More: July 4th Orgasm Blast

Day 26 How Are Your Dicks?

The Silver Tipped Acrylic Cane

Yes Some Women ARE Dominant

I was describing to this boy eddie boston my favorite toy, the silver tipped acrylic cane. Here it is laying next to me, happy as a cane should be. Yes this cane turns me on, yes I am a natural femdom, and no . . . → Read More: Day 26 How Are Your Dicks?

10 Minute Free Is On, Get Yours!

Call For Free!

It’s on all day today. A free ten minute call for you. Come and get it! Details here, and talk to you soon. I will be on until 6pm pacific.

No Orgasm For Pool Boy

109 total days of orgasm denial for chastity boy “pool boy”. Yesterday we had a . . . → Read More: 10 Minute Free Is On, Get Yours!

100 Days For Pool Boy

Will He Beg To Cum?

I will need to make a very difficult decision this week…will pool boy get to cum now that he has reached his target weight and 100 days of orgasm denial. The exceptions have been with him ruining orgasms and enjoying stroking games out of the cage. He certainly . . . → Read More: 100 Days For Pool Boy

The Chastity Lock Box Combination Mystery


Donna’s Chastity Lock Box Dilemma

Today I received an update on sissy donna’s chastity adventure. As you remember from last post, in a brave moment, she placed her Lori’s key into a lock box, scrambled the combinations, and cast her fate to the wind. I was surprised when I received that email, . . . → Read More: The Chastity Lock Box Combination Mystery

Denied Orgasm And Happy About It

Nope!Not This Time

Strokepetalex wins the best of strokerboy award. Second call with Ms Heather and me proved to be another exercise in futility.The penis was passed and the gran finale was a 2 Ms call for the hopes of an orgasm. Orgasm would be granted if time allowed, but the slow count . . . → Read More: Denied Orgasm And Happy About It

Denied And Objectified


A poster on a dumpster in Hollywood. Hollywood is good for something at least, I really cracked up because the day I took this photo, the rubber dog suit came out of baby powder to a play party near the airport. Even a fluffy doggie suit like . . . → Read More: Denied And Objectified