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May 2018
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One Month Orgasm denial, belinda blue balls lives!

Call Me a “hard on”……vodka terry did not do the assignment….very simple: you get to cum again if you get a pretty pink Barbie ensemble, especially gingham or searsucker with a large hat and sunglasses, to dress My penis up !

Also I wanted My boy to find his dice…he did not.

It’s a rare boy that can truly do the honor system.  nancy anne does it and if she falters, will tell Me. nancy is at the 6th week. Good work, favorite sissy!

And now….yet another poem from THE belinda…………..

Today the calendar says day 64

in The Dicktator’s tease and denial game.

Tho’ bloated balls desperate for relief

a new denial record remains the aim.

Horney day and night and in between

can only describe the beginning,

leaky sissy clit and thoughts of The Dicktator’s reign

and both my heads are set to spinning.

The first 9 weeks have come and gone

looking back it now all seems so fast.

But with 3 more weeks to tie Her mask

it’s becomming more difficult not to blast

Tho’ blast i won’t till Mistress Cassandra says!

as i stroke and edge before Her shrine.

Balls blue and filled with well aged juice

O/our future record breaking sissy wine

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