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November 2018
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CBT Play Dice Rolls For Pain Sluts

CBT Play Make Your Day!

CBT play is always interesting and creative with the toys that compliment it. One of the Princesses here had an interesting call last night involving cards a boy had made. The Princess called a number from one to twenty 26. He was then ordered to do the cbt card . . . → Read More: CBT Play Dice Rolls For Pain Sluts

Ruined Orgasm With CBT

Cock Multitasking

Would you like some CBT with that ruined orgasm? Ending a CBT session with a little “thwacking” if done just right will lead to a spectacular ruined orgasm. How to attain it? Communication of course, and very good timing.

Sexy CBT Toys

Starting off with real CBT toys sets the mood, . . . → Read More: Ruined Orgasm With CBT

Ball Busting 101


Ball Busting For Fun

Just enough to be effective, I say. There are many ways to be a good ball buster without damaging the goods. A boy who is interested in being ball busted has a masochistic streak and can do with a little pain. Accompanied with verbal humiliation, we have the . . . → Read More: Ball Busting 101

The Twitch and Vampire Gloves CBT Fun

CBT Anyone?

The Ball Crusher

So today we will get into more CBT fun using the “Twitch” and Vampire Gloves. The Twitch gadget is actually used on mules and horses in veterinary practice. It is cast aluminum, and instead of being attached to the animal’s lower lips, it is attached to your balls. . . . → Read More: The Twitch and Vampire Gloves CBT Fun

The Family Jewels

The CB6000

The Wartenberg Wheel

I’m re-reading a book called Family Jewels by Hardy Haberman. Wonderful read since I’m getting more and more CBT and ball busting calls. Boys seem to gravitate to the Mistresses who hold their kinky interests in mind. One little gadget I forget about is the Wartonberg Wheel. You . . . → Read More: The Family Jewels

CBT With Pervertables

An empty milk jug on a parachute harness is a pervertable

What are Pervertables

I had a great call with a CBT boy last week that inspired me to write about pervertables. Pervertables are simply found things around the home or in 99 cent stores that have the potential to be affordable and . . . → Read More: CBT With Pervertables

One Lucky Boy Gets To Cum

Cassandraville Welcomes You


I played a hand of online poker with q on Saturday. The gamble was if he won the hand jeffie gets to cum, if I won jeffie does not. Lucky jeffie got to cum. I didn’t tell him until he finished the 9th edge. . . . → Read More: One Lucky Boy Gets To Cum

Get Your Free Phone Session For Christmas



It has been a very busy week and I have finally gotten a moment to blog and post q’s toys of the evening for last Sunday’s send off call. I just love how orderly he is. I had him parade on cam on hands and . . . → Read More: Get Your Free Phone Session For Christmas

It’s A Nice Day For A Ruined Orgasm

Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


This blog is screaming for a ruined orgasm page, and so be it. So far stroke pet alex has written the first essay. The next play time with q will be ruining the orgasm. I’ve done this many a time with one boy who would . . . → Read More: It’s A Nice Day For A Ruined Orgasm

Tears of a Girlie Boi

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

A Humiliated Sissy

Poor little sissy diane called for “brought to tears humiliation” yesterday. she looked like a total slut yesterday dressed in a tight black skirt and a sheer black blouse. I thought it remarkable how nice her breast forms looked under that blouse. From the cam view, I . . . → Read More: Tears of a Girlie Boi