Conditioning And Control

Conditioning is important with just about every training on the planet. From dogs to conditioning the submissive slave.Preparing a boy for chastity training, dressing a sissy for feminization, and conditioning a captivity slave for a weekend or more of captivity training.

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Conditioning The Submissive Slave With Games And Gadgets

Chastity Dice was a great program for conditioning the submissive slave. There too was a monopoly chastity game, and best of all, a leader board where a slave could write lines upon endless lines. I had many emails of users upset that the program disappeared. Games and gadgets are popular, but the real deal comes from a meeting of the minds of the dominant and the slave. Conditioning the submissive slave is enduring a task for longer periods of time.

A Gamut Of Types

Assigning a sissy to wear her 6″ heels for longer periods to where she can walk at a Mall for a few hours shopping. Ordering a captivity slave to be locked away in his closet for hours in preparation to the full weekend lockdown. Coercing a bondage slave to endure a hog tie longer and longer, challenging him/her for a safe play bondage scene. Locked dummy calls this a “bondage workout”. For example two hours in a blackout hood, 30 minute hogtied each day for a week, etc. Conditioning leading up to the real scene.


Cock control is conditioning I like to use leading up to chastity. If you can make it 30 days stroking and edging without an orgasm, you can make it 30 days in a chastity cage. Chastity training is really like no other. Consider this: an uncomfortable mostly, metal cage around your most favorite toy. Your Mistress is a phone call away, and if you are really lucky, your Femdom is in the next room. Your cock slips out of the cage because the device is ill fit. Your mind slips into I am out of the cage so I can stroke. Conditioning not to slip into that mindset is important.

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