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I think every sissy has imagined having a Master to serve.


Sissy’s curiosity has finally reached the almost final frontier. A dominant Master. At first the strap on dildo was gratefully sucked from my harness as she watched cocksucking porn with big dominant dicks and submissive sissies. she even shopped for hours finding the panties the porn sissies wore. With my blessings, she was allowed to post on Fetlife for a Master to play with. I brought her to dungeon parties in North Hollywood to make connections and ordered her to wait on her knees in a little narrow room called “blow job alley”. Sometimes she had a busy night, even one night a bukkake shower. I had her training with an inflatable butt plug to make ready for Master.
Master & Sissy Slave Audio: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164
Her hopes were to meet a dominant with muscles and a big cock of any color. Finally her wish came true. the Dom of her dreams answered her listing. This could mean she would either be passed back and forth from Mistress to Master. She may have to choose. Mistress brought her to the dungeon to meet her soon to be Dom. She waited patiently on her knees in blow job alley until he finally arrived. He was dressed in tight leather pants and a fishnet tank top.

He was tall with big strong hands and he unzipped his displaying his big thick white cock. This was sissy’s audition. The hours of strap on training worked out perfectly. Dom John was granted permission from me to take sissy on weekends. Dom John was friends with a big black Master who was hot to have three ways with little sissy suzy. Sissy suzy was delighted beyond all expectations. Eventually sissy suzy was to be permanent with her two Doms……..

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164