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Panty hose organized in this way shows me that this sissy, FFB, is very serious about her sissy wear. Not only does she have variety and taste, she has organization skills. My panty and stocking drawer does not look this good . The panties are washed and thrown in the drawer, no folding, no fuss, as long as they are clean. Not FFB, she is impeccable. Soon the new chastity cage will arrive, and she won’t have to worry about hose and panties ruined from unforgiving sharp edges of the old lock.

Panty Hose Sissy Organization: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Notice the crisp white comforter used as a backdrop for her collection, I remember she used to shop at “White” in London. Everything in the shop is white. White is hard to wear for me, not only would I be a tad too pure, but it is easy to soil. Give me black and the jewel tones.

Let’s swap panty hose info to Noogleberry. Sissy slut Nikki was asking about the breast enlarging, breast enhancing Noogleberry and the results. FFB is not happy with her breasts and want them much bigger. Even with hormone injections for girlie bois, they never seem to get any bigger than a B cup, so you know what I am about to say. Breast implants of course. I have an average B and I am happy with an average B. Breast implants are for the insecure, and no one is more insecure than a sissy. Sissy humiliation is all about a sissie’s insecurity of not being good enough. Well I have some news for ya. You will never be as good as a real woman, so enjoy the humiliation ride. it’s important in the life of a sissy!

Anyways I want you all to look long and hard at this photo, and get your sissy organization skills in order. There just may be a random check coming your way!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164