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Every Mistress loves to receive positive sissy affirmations. This is an awesome prayer to Mistress as she recites this on her knees along with the positive sissy affirmations. This of course is miss jenny with her respect and admiration.

Prayer To Mistress Cassandra by Miss Jenny

“I kneel before you caged, pantied and plugged, praying that you will teach and guide me to surrender to your intellect and beauty.

As a sissy male, You are superior to me in all ways. I am unworthy to gaze upon your beauty, however I can’t seem to keep my eyes from staring into yours.
The more I understand you and femininity, the better I can obey and serve you. I pray that you will strip away any masculinity I may possess so that you may create a sissy that will serve and obey without hesitation or question.

I willingly accept and will perform degrading and humiliating tasks as directed by you as a method of emasculation and to show my devotion to you. As an inferior sissy, I know I will fall short of your expectations and will accept punishments from you as a method of redemption and a reminder that I must always have my focus on you.

As my eyes drift and focus on your perfect breast, I feel even more humble as my desire to worship you grows stronger. Your perfection only deepens my desire to surrender and be used by you in any way which would make you happy, laugh and put a smile on your face.

I pray to you that you will allow me to kneel before you, gaze upon your perfection, submit to you, be controlled by you, obey, serve and worship you in a manner truly befitting a Goddess.”

Positive Sissy Affirmations by Miss Jenny

“I am a sissy.

i am a gurly boi.

i am a sissy gurly boi.

i am inferior to Women.

i exist to serve, honor and obey Feminine Authority and Magnificence.

i worship Women for Their superior Intellect, Knowledge, Beauty and Power.

i surrender to the Celestial Female and trust They will teach, guide, condition and provide all i need to exist in Their world to become a devoted servant.

i honor all Women and will put Their needs first in my daily thoughts and actions.

i will emulate Femininity; i need to have feminine thoughts, desires and cravings.

i will kneel and pray to Goddess Cassandra every day.

i am a sissy!

i am a gurly boi!

i am a sissy gurly boi!”

Thank you Miss Jenny! The most awesome sissy student!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164