You just came from Ms. Willows Monsters Ball Bog Train post  Ebony Femdom Horror Story

Long ago in mysterious Egypt, a Femdom Queen was born to a powerful Concubine who would seek revenge on her torturers. Her name was Bastet and her power would soon give her Goddess status. The eventual Queen daughter born to the Goddess was called Casi.

The Egyptians had supreme magical powers and were said to have achieved time travel through interdimensional portals. Casi was studying the earth’s culture through a portal and accidentally slipped into it bringing her to the year 2022 CE. The gold of her Egyptian regalia was permanently illuminated as she traveled through the portal.

The Queen of Denile

Casi had a soft landing in a field and her attention was on a city street not far away. A strange looking building caught her attention with oddly dressed people coming and going. It appeared to be a celebration of some kind. A banner above spelled “Monster’s Ball”, and she headed towards it.

Many were clad in black leather noticing naked men on leashes. As she entered the building, her gold gown was so bright, it began to mesmerize the celebrators of Halloween. What is Halloween she asked herself.  At the door, the receptionist said “This is a Halloween kink ball and you must have black leather stiletto boots like mine to enter.”. Casi studied the reception’s boots for a moment and conjured a pair for herself, much more elegant and sturdy. Noticing scantily clad women all around her, she abbreviated her glowing gold garment to a sarong pinned in the front with a scarab jewel.

The receptionist was astounded by her conjuring skill, of course, and asked her if she would like to put on a demonstration. Casi said “Yes, on my own terms. I want to transform all of the males in this party into slaves that will serve me permanently. They will have gold chastity cages for I declare myself the Queen of Denial.” Magically, gold chastity cages appeared on every male at the party. She conjured a golden throne and an Egyptian environment for her seat at the party. Of course, she would return these slaves to their rightful Femdom at the end of the event.

At this event she learned very quickly all of the tools of domination and the mindset that accompanied it. She especially loved the art of bondage with elegant golden hemp rope. The furniture inspired her to conjure an elaborate dungeon in this warehouse and called it The Great Pyramid of the Femdom club.

From then on she was a very famous Chastity Keyholder known as Queen Casi, Femdom Casi, and The Queen of Denile. Her dungeon is world-famous and the natural gold lights never grow dim.

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