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September 2018
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Cum Eating Is Nice With Spice

Cum Eating With Tasty Extras

Cum eating has become quite a kinky fad as of late as it should be. It is a dose of humiliation with a cock stroking session finale. It is also a means of bargaining, I will let you cum but only if you eat your cum. Then some truly do enjoy the taste and texture of the orgasm. Fun with cum is possible with a bit of food and spice, as was a call I had with a boy yesterday who also wanted to be a dog. So barking, eating canned dog food laced with cum was in order.

Cum Eating Is Nice With Spice: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Most Humiliating Call Of 2017

The cum eating  phone sex fantasy was very creative. Boy, in his email, requested that I tell him about the top must humiliating phone fantasy calls of 2017. During the narration, he was to eat dog food and bark upon my demand. Some dog food would be left over for the grand finale, mixed with the demanded orgasm. A very fun call, he was ordered to save up cum in a tupperware to freeze until the next call. Good show!

A Sissy Wins Hands Down And Sissy Maid Uniform Up

So you are wondering  who got the first prize for the most humiliating fantasy of 2017. Of course it involves a sissy outing on her way to an adult book store. Of course she was dressed in a pink sissy maid uniform, of course some coerced bi was involved, and thrown into the call was a visit to the gas station to fill up and pay special attention to the windshield  that needed washing.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

4 comments to Cum Eating Is Nice With Spice

  • veni

    Dear Mistress Casandra,

    Does a cum-eating-contract exist?
    I mean, where there is an obligation to eat a certain preset amount of loads before being released? This way backing out isn`t possible. The slave is FORCED to keep eating his loads, as often as is required, loads eaten can ofcourse be disapproved of. Meaning if he misses a drop, 25 more loads will be added or something. A day missed, for whatever reason could mean he`d have to insert a certain size dildo in his ass and plow it for an amount of time, and ofcourse more loads are added. This way it could take months if not longer before he can be released. making sure he is properly taken care of, whether he is at work or wherever, he can allways go to the bathroom to swallow his own. On the train, in his parked car, never safe anywhere…
    The problem is how to Ensure he follows through, i mean i live in Holland, another might live in Guatamala, etc…
    I`d like to hear Your thoughts on this subject.


    PS: i am one of those who dislikes cumeating, unless it is demanded of me. The fantasy is to be forced to.

  • Mistress Cassandra

    Truth be told, Ms V is he sent me a detailed email on this whole scenario which I gleefully took on! It truly is one of the most creative calls and caller ever!

  • Nicely done, Ms Cassandra. I like how you integrated degradation into cum eating. That is a wonderfully spicy combo. Your creative mind is great at coming up with ways to put a boy into his place. And keep him there! Your description of the sissy maid outing had a clear video of that playing in my mind. I see a sissy in a frilly maid uniform giving her windshield a brisk shine, while onlookers wonder what in the world is going on there. LOL

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