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May 2018
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The Frozen Chastity Key

It's May and you are still locked....

More on the Chastity Groom

The story continues, of the hapless cocklocked groom who has been sissified, cuckolded, humiliatingly milked with an aneros, and taken out of the cage for countless times. The poor little cock teased and denied with absolutely no orgasm, only edges upon edges like a sexually frustrated Sisyphus. The ornate lock box on the coffee table adding to the frustration and torment.

Finally Spring has come, and a long Spring it is in the state of Maine, the key floating in slush in the water jug. A deal is a deal, and the key is fetched. With trembling hands the poor groom enters the lock to find it is not the key for the cage. All keys are locked in the box he has been staring at all Winter. With over 100,000 possible combinations, he will simply have to work on it. He is a top notch programmer and math geek after all. Let’s test his skills. To be continued…

The New Whore’s Mistress Speaks

The new whore’s girlfriend Alex has sent several emails expressing glee in sharing this cuckolded  boy. This week a key is coming to my mail facility. Sharing a slut like this is ultimate heaven.

Ms A writes:

The key will be mailed Monday, I would like to join one of his calls after a few weeks and honestly I have this fantasy I guess about making him suck cock for me, I want him to have to look me in the eyes as he’s doing it and Ill take pictures so I have more to fuck him over with.
I get the impression he thought this was just going to be fantasy but it’s my intention to make this his New Reality. Can I ask a question though? How long can we keep him in chastity safely?  Don’t want to injure him but I want him to have to wait a long time before he is allowed out of the CB6000.
A Long Time
I also ordered a butt plug training kit, and I am going fuck him with a strap on and make him a sissy at home.
Oh, didn’t you say something about renaming him/her? You have my blessing.
Thanks to Alex for providing “the new whore”. We will see about his name, and I think you should get a prostate milker to further enhance his humiliation and keep him healthy at the same time!

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