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May 2018
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Two Days Of Chastity For Stroker Alex


In order for denied stroker alex to cum, I gave the chastity for 2 days order while he was out of town on business. The prompted a few desperate emails and a long and tense I.M. conversation. alex gets very excited when he sees words being typed out ending in tease tones of denial. Also this boy was locking up since Tuesday anyways. That’s always amusing to hear the desperate plea in the voice and the nervous laughter. Deep down inside alex prays I don’t invoke the wrath of Ms. Ashton. Today the boy is due for an orgasmic release. I think he has earned it, but I always love to make random decisions. We live in a reality of endless possibilities after all.


Almost on the verge of publishing this post, alex prompts for a call. he is in the corner like a good slave on his knees and waiting for the publication to decide his fate. he will read the post before he is allowed to call back. Here is his fate: There is no such thing as fate. The tumble of the die will decide. It’s yet to be determined. There will be one die, and 6 possibilities. The results will be the next blog post.


I’m about to start the first chapter of Michio Kaku’s new book “Physics of the Future”. This is what humanity could be by the year 2100 according to Kaku’s interviews with over 300 top scientists. I’ll report the chapter highlights each post. Some of the stuff is pretty wild like growing organs in a lab, teleportation, internet enabled contact lenses, and the ability to create new life forms! Hello brave new world. I thank q for always feeding my head with these wish list books. he also threw in “The God Effect” : quantum entanglement, time travel, teleportation, and the ultimate computer.


I talked to long time caller sissy chrissy a few days back. she is now living over seas for awhile and was telling me about her new lady friend who is very well dressed in the taste of chrissy. They have gone shopping together many times and chrissy always helps her decide on clothes. She says, “I so wish my boyfriend were like you, he has no taste and I hate shopping with him”. Unbeknownst to her, chrissy is living vicariously through her. Now if I were her, I would know immediately that chrissy is a panty wearing sissy with very good taste. A wonderfully sophisticated sissy with just the perfect amount of humiliation tease.

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


4 comments to Two Days Of Chastity For Stroker Alex

  • Jamie

    Michio Kaku?!!! “Physics of the Future?!!!”

    Oh Mistress Cassandra…I so admire your intellectual slant.
    In addition to your cerebral inclination, I suspect your spiritual
    direction might align somewhat with mine. A clue is your reference to
    “quantum entanglement.”

    I realize I’m a sissy, someone born with small male parts and without
    any female parts, but for my almost-A-cup breasts (actually, large puffy nipples).
    I realize that even though I’m attracted to women, especially strong, fierce women
    who possess a high degree of self-confidence and define their own identity, not one dictated to them by our culture…yes I realize I’m not a homosexual, but most women think I am.

    And I know why…I’m not naive. I perform rituals reserved for women and not real men. I wear makeup daily. I shave my legs and underarms as needed. I keep my eyebrows neat. I’m not boorish. I have no male friends. My friends are women who are not sexually attracted to me, but are often considered fag-hags. The women I’ve dated usually never repeat the experience, and a few have suggested out loud that I’m gay when we’ve done the bedroom experience. It’s also because they simply don’t care to have sex with an under-endowed “man” even though they respond enthusiastically to my oral skills. I’ve learned that no matter how much a women likes to be eaten, she also wants that fulfillment of a thick cock of sufficient length. And I’ve known those cocks, even though I’m not gay, I’ve known them from the perspective of my feminine persona.

    I say all this to say to you, Mistress, I want to be your girlfriend.
    -Gurlyboy Sissy Jamie

    • I’m on the first chapter about computers of the future. Do you wear contact lenses? Glasses will do, eventually we will have such things. Wired to the max, chips everywhere like confetti!
      A sissy with a fag bend is always a delight. i remember this one caller I had who would walk in heels on his hardwood floor, ordered to bang on the wall next door ” Mary Smith, I’m a cocksucking faggot!!!!”. The best part was listening to the exhilarated breathing . That was fun.

  • alex

    Ms Cassandra,
    Thank you for your time and training, I have learnt that I should never expect the expected and I must always be on my toes. Locked again until fri seems a long time away, however I am happy to try and meet your expectations.

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